I have an outdoor gig in 7 hours and I have questions about the setup...

Discussion in 'general discussion' started by Tyler Fingerle, Jun 16, 2018.

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    You might be interested in picking up a copy of The Sound Reinforcement Handbook by Yamaha. Cheap copies can be had via Amazon. Although it is now aging, a lot of the information is still very relevant to live sound situations.

    At the very least, if you comprehend the material you will be able to tell when you are likely being fed nonsense by the sound guy.

    In good news though, the bigger the gig you do the more likely it is that the sound guy with the system is at least competent. In fact, once you get to a certain level there will be multiple sound guys per stage from the company providing the rig.

    If you are a DJ playing on a band stage it is trivial for the patch monkey (it's what we lovingly call that role in the UK) to send you down the multi to the FOH engineer.

    Although that still doesn't prevent attitude conflicts. Again though the bigger you get, the less frequently you should encounter bad technical performance and attitudes.

    Once you get super big, you will have your own technician/engineer who will liaise with the event production before the gig to ensure the audio company on your stage know your requirements. Your technician will also set your gear up and soundcheck it for you. Congratulations, you have made it! Leave some beer and groupies for the rest of the crew!
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    well, anyway the roses were a good effect.
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    thanks for sharing the vid, lovely work! interesting :wink:

    instead of creating a drama you made the best out of the situation and turned a "potential" nightmare into an opportunity, Great!
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    That’s the safe space... some people get tempted to push the limits. Obviously, it’s playing with fire.
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