I.C.E for Sonic Studio and Legendary Audio ("softening the signal")

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    I.C.E. is a De-esser, a frequency band specific Dynamic EQ, a frequency band specific Compressor, and a De-distortion plugin –all in one great plug-in for Mac and Windows.

    If you never have any problems with your Audio Projects, Then I.C.E. may not be for you. But in reality, there are always technical problems that range from subtle to critical and even some that are potentially fatal to the project.

    Problems might include:

    • “Bad" distortion
    • “Hot spots”
    • Over modulation
    • Sibilance
    • Resonant bass frequencies
    • Overload
    • Digital harshness
    • Intermittent vocal distortion
    • Out-of-control cymbals
    • A generally unpleasant overall tone
    • Other offending audio elements
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