I am creating a native midi controller for EQs. Interested ?

Discussion in 'Soundgear' started by Zzup, Jun 18, 2023.

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    I do not use Ableton as FL is my main DAW, but since it is a script you could learn from it as a starting point for your device to make it usable in Ableton. Good question i don't know if its patented or not. Here is the Homepage for the Script. https://isotonikstudios.com/product/crossfire/. Also the Fire NFX 2 Script by Warbeats https://github.com/nfxbeats/FIRE-NFX-V2 could be useful as it has some nice functions for FL integrated like switching presets.

    Coding the Hardware in C is clever since its with C++ the closest language to Hardware the only one above would be Assembler. The Python Script is only there to make the Hardware and FL unterstand each other as i understood?
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    Thanks for the links, I will study the question for Ableton users.

    There is already on my side a work with the script functions of FL studio, in fact I first tested the script possibilities then thought of a hardware for those implementation (like the akai FIRE).

    Yes, that is the case. The hardware is C operated on the EQ hardware, generate / send / get midi commands, script do the processing of the midi message on the DAW (next eq plugin, get eq value for real time tweaking and adaptation for a preset).
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