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Discussion in 'Software News' started by Joe.Blow, Sep 19, 2020.

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    I just noticed that Humble Bundle is trying their hand at a music software bundle available that isn't full of Magix crap. It probably launched ~10 days ago as there are only 4 days plus change left.

    (or / software / mega-sound-designer-loop-crate-software)

    Interesting bit is that Mixcraft 9 Recording Studio and Voltage Modular Ignite (the middle tier version) are in the top tier for less than the price of voltage modular ignite. Pianissimo Grand Piano VST is in the 3rd tier as well.

    Not sure about the quality of the sound loops though. Found this comment in a reddit thread about it:

    IMHO, it seems like more trouble than it's worth. The only real appeal for those of us using the sister site already would be voltage modular ignite and maybe the pianissimo vst.

    I hear that Mixcraft has regular upgrade sales from Recording to Pro, so it might be worthwhile if you want a legit copy.
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    Just had a quick look at this.. It may be useful for getting any DAW as crossgrade, like Studio One for example:

    you get "Mixcraft 8 or higher" for 20 and crossgrade to S1 Pro for 200 (with code), so tot. - 220..?

    That is, if you don't own any DAW already.. and I may have got this all wrong...
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