How to write a song - tutorial electroniq remix

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    Guys I worked on this for ages!!
    I remixed a songwriting tutorial from youtube.
    Haha i was so desperate to finish this and tried to figure out how to do realize it and it is done!!


    ...and check out my guitar solo! ;)

    Id like to make a little video, using the actual tutorial on youtube, synced to the track and cut up wierdly, with lsd colour fx.

    If you like to watch the actual tutorial from Jeff Simmonds go to, its very nice!

    Draft 0.1 from 2012 is this:

    PS: Produced in Ableton, Stem Mastered in Reaper. I call it a group effort. Ableton was becoming unstable so I decided to put the mess all into a more serious daw ;)

    PPS: Gear/sounds used: Moog Slim Phatty, Acustic guitar, beard scratching, cup rolling, electric guitar, tube amp (for the solo) hifi speakers for mix/master, RME fireface UC (very stable), Intel core I7. , Mouse, Cat, Trashcan.

    PPPS: I have a 24 bit/88.2khz flac laying around here if you want to listen in good quality
    /(or 16/44 flac)

    Visit my homepage too
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