how to mix/make/process guitars like this?

Discussion in 'Rock, Metal' started by ia, Sep 5, 2016.

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    Nah,son.Thats Eddie on midi.
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    I am not an expert in this genre but i think that the riff in the first example has kind a supporting roll in the mix while the vocal is the leading element(instrument).While in the second mix there is no vocal so the guitars need to feel big an juicy and i don't know like "in your face" type of sound to tell the story.Now how do you achieve that sound is another topic.I am not saying that the guitars in the first mix are great,clearly they are midi they sound like they've used FL's Slayer but i think that they couldn't have "wall of guitars" and vocal at the same time in the first mix.So i think that it depends from what you are trying to achieve.
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    I'm trying to make my guitars sound like Nine thou's guitars, such juicy and big. But I have only some Kontakt guitar libraries and amp sims for that. So it's a challenge for me and I don't know exactly why my guitars suck:dunno:
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    You want a "professional", "energetic", "powerful" guitar sound "full of emotions" and that "isn't sampled", yet you only have Kontakt guitar libraries. See the problem there?

    You will never get that kind of guitar sound with samples. Guitar, particularly distorted, is one of the most dynamic instruments there are. Either get a session guitarist or learn to play it yourself. I doubt much processing was involved in the guitar sound you look for, it sounds pretty basic - a good guitar, a good amp. Most producers prefer not to process distorted guitar sound too much.
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    I've listened to some Shreddage demos and it sounds pretty good. Not super realistic depending on what you're doing with it, but can easily pump out some authentic sounding numetal riffs. I think the biggest thing is you need to be able to play that kontakt library like it is an instrument. There are tons of options to tweak, but the more realistic of a performance you can make with midi, the better it will sound through an ampsim.

    And when it comes to amp sims, there are some great ones, like Mercuriall, LePou and Ignite. And all of those are free. The biggest factor, for me at least, is finding really good cab impulses to use with them. Some Catharsis and redWirez have been my favorite. Lot of free ones out there to try.

    And most metal amp sims will get this sound with all the knobs at 12:00, gain up as high as you need it. Like LePous recto model.

    Get all of that right and then youll just need some slight eq, like notching out around 4khz. Theres always some type of resonance up there that sounds horrible.
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    There could be some side chaining on the bass with an upper and lower frequency cut from the stereo field, but yes, I would just EQ the kick and bass in mono, cutting somewhere around 150/180 hz (Narrow Q) slightly cutting 80/100 too, (for the bass) and then boosting the kick at the identical frequency. I would also make cuts in both kick and bass where I boost guitar freq.

    I've confused myself here lol.


    Boost 80-100 narrow Q / lower 150-180 also narrow Q


    Lower 80-100/ boost 150-180 range also with narrow Q

    Note that these are starting points as guidelines only.

    One more thing, here is what can be done quite easily with shreddage:-

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    mixing is a complex understanding. thank you everyone for the great (and not so great) input. im still very much a rookie, but im currently learning the difference between mid side vs stereo. for widening. and how to eq mid side.

    and a tool that a fellow here taught me, is the V.U meter. if you aren't already, try one. I know, its so rookie I cant believe I didn't know that.

    and oh, yes I spend more time practicing my licks and learning how to play than on the puter. its a process for most of us