How to install r2r Garritan GPO5, Plogue, Player, Engine?

Discussion in 'Software' started by spoonetti, Sep 18, 2017.

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    Hi there,

    I'm new here and hope that anyone can help me to install ARIA Plogue and Garritan GPO5 correctly.
    Some days ago, I've installed Finale 25 successfully. Now, I want to use the soundfont library of Garritan in Finale. Therefore, I've downloaded the r2r Garritan package, which includes the personal orchestra5 (without any keygen in the GPO5-folder!), the ARIA Engine v.1.905 (incl. Patched and keygen) and the ARIA player 1.872 (without a keygen, but with a folder named "Garritan_ARIA_Player_1872_WIN_Cracked.7z")

    There are 2 probs for me:

    1.) the describtion "How to install" is for me a bit confusing
    2.) the keygen for the Plogue/Engine doesn't work
    3.) there's no keygen for the Garritan personal Orchestra5 library

    To 1.)
    In the describtion says that I need to replace ARIA Engine with their patched one, after I have installed
    ARIA Engine first.
    Hm, I have no idea where the patched one is.

    Below, you find some images which shows the describtion and the content of the Plogue-folders (Imgage GPO5-0 - GPO5-3)

    GPO5-0.jpg GPO5-1.jpg GPO5-2.jpg GPO5-3.jpg

    To 2.)
    When I try to run the keygen to activate the Egine/Plogue, I always get the note which informs me
    that this version of the software is not compatible with your windows system (Win7 ultimate 64x)

    Then, I tried to open it as administrator. But then, I always get the note that the folder (which incl. the keygen I want to open) could not be found.

    To 3.)
    Is it correct that Garritan Personal Orchestra5 doesn't need any keygen? Because there's no keygen in the GPO5-Folder.

    I hope, someone can tell me what i did wrong and what I have to do to install that correctly (step by step, pls ;) )

    Thx so much!
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  3. Mynock

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    The whole thing is very simple:
    1-Install the Garritan libraries (latest versions).
    2-Install aria player (1.872)
    3-Install aria engine (1.916)
    4-Run Keygen (latest) and get all licenses you need (the licenses are image files, like png extension)
    5-Open the aria player standalone and put all licenses where the name Aria Player TM appears (with big letters... do not forget to include the licenses for all installed libraries - Garritans, Plogue instruments -, aria player itself, and for Finale Instruments, if you use it).
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  4. spoonetti

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    Sep 18, 2017
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    Thx for the answer and your help @Mynock

    So, I will try to install it as you describe it. I hope, it works.
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