How to Find The Perfect Workflow?

Discussion in 'Education' started by xXDayDreamerXx, Mar 12, 2017.

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    Are you fricking kidding mate??. seriously... WOWWW... this last reply of yours proves that we are not even living on the same planet.

    I can't even begin to help you.

    Are you aware of things like avante-garde jazz? math-rock?.. at least something where a group of musicians do not follow the format of a band that hopes to sell albums in a Target?

    Are you such a cookie-cutter drone that all music to you requires lead lines?.. you are what one would call an average person... which a dirtier, more reprehensible pejorative describing a form of human existence can NOT be derived.

    You really aren't much of an all-around electronic music listener are you (or music in general for that matter). It appears you have some progressing to do, regarding the various styles that are out there.
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    Having the same problems some days... Starting a session and get lost in details of no importance.. And finally, at the end of the day, I have set up a perfect synth (after listening the next day: a synth that sounds ok) but not even made a single drum hit, chord progression (except choosing the key note, which is of paramount importance;) and not to mention a melody...

    Reading/watching theory helps sometimes... But on the other side, sometimes it helps even more to forget the damn theory, just hit the keys and getting into the flow.

    Or taking a really deeeep breath (in case you're adult: through the nose :woot::winker:)
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    if I do herbs in the morning I can't see the screen afterwards lol
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