How to convert/extract B-format to 2 x stereo channels for true stereo IR?

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    This is a question for which I haven't figured out the answer for a long time.

    There is this page with very nice impulse response files from Pori, Finland. It sounds comparable with – or in some cases better than – Bricasti M7, but they don't provide ready-to-use true stereo IR samples. However they have b-format samples that are more sophisticated, either 5 channels or 4.
    I have been looking for a way to convert it to 2 stereo channels and load it in a true stereo reverb plugin (like in HOFA IQ-Reverb).
    There has been a pair of plugins called VVMicVST and VVTetraVST and I tried them but couldn't get good result of it, not to mention that it created a longer sample file. I'm clueless about how this vst has to be set up to convert it right.

    So far I was able to use the original B-format files, splitting the 4 channels and create 2 stereo channels and even though it seems silly because I know that those 4 channels don't represent the 1L-1R-2L-2R sides, it actually sounds quite good (I recommend anyone to try for example the s1_r3_sf.wav from, a little bit unbalanced (off the center) but using some orchestral sample libraries it gave a nice, dense, natural concert hall feeling.
    I tried using the stereo samples of two different mic positions (R3 and R2) as left stereo and right stereo but they are located in different distances and too far from each other as seen in the provided room map and didn't really sound that good at all.

    The best would be the real extracted b-format to true stereo.
    Anyone has any helpful idea?