How to be succesful in music industry?

Discussion in 'Our Art' started by ia, Jul 24, 2016.

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    Addressing the question now, and not interpretations of the question. The word 'successful' can have various interpretations. But it's clear what his definition of 'success' is, because he qualifies it in his second sentence with the word 'career'. So, interpretations like 'for me success means' are not addressing the OP's question which is quite clear. He's also asking the question with astonishment, in the light of seemingly untalented people achieving success. I'm not sure whether Pop music (any and all the Youths' genres in other words) or music for small children would qualify as the one needing the least talent, the simplest types of compositions, on a scale where Classical compositions would require the highest degrees of musical talent. So, that's why so often we see completely talentless productions becoming popular, from time-to-time.. this Pop music is easy to do and standards are very low, in the grand musical scheme of things. Anyone, even without any musical talent or knowledge, can form a band and make Pop recordings, and people without good singing voices are adored by the general public - who, sadly, and it is a great sadness, know no better! Yes, I make a huge generalisation which can easily be torn down. But you have, at least, the basis for an honest answer to the original question. As to how to make a career in the music business: The target to set is to be a 'professional' - it simply means making a living from music, and only music. To an extent, being professional means that you have, at the very least, achieved a 'good enough' standard and can demonstrate one talent or other. With any career, you have to reach a measurable standard, either of achivement or potential, or knowledge. This is why we have a world that is full of qualifications. These qualifications make you 'qualified' to operate in that field. If you pass a driving test it means you are qualified to drive a car, you achieved that standard required. You have to have a standard to aim for. Either go down the academic qualifications route or try to be 'good enough' (professional) to earn a living through muisic only.
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    I used to ask myself the same question. After a long journey and several doses of reality, I can say that music is not really the "end product" like it used to be when physical media was the only way to listen. The cost of entry is minimal and promotional channels are abundant.

    It seems to me that the end product of the music industry now is the dream itself - the dream of being the big artist or producer. There is likely more money and opportunity to be made in selling "music creation" now. Gear, software, online mastering, marketing packages, web hosting, sample packs, Online A&Rs who promise to get your music considered for licensing, music conferences/expos, the list goes on.

    Here is great blog that offers a sobering perspective at times about the music industry:

    So where does that leave those that only want to focus on creating music? I see music now as your business card. YOU are the product. With that said, work on your personal development and what you want to contribute to the world.
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    With these words still ringing in my brain-ear, let me spam you politely with my own simple minded way of doing just that, albeit badly :(

    Yes please evaluate, and yes please subscribe, need all the kudos and likes and comments and subscribers, and patreon patrons I can attract, and yes my heart I will keep on making 'content' hope also make music.
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    How to be succesful in the music industry?


    I me mine and take no prisoners.
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    Somehow, people often forget that "success" is completely relative. Success only means that you achieved some of your goals. So I think that people who say that "my goal is to be successful" kind of fool themselves into not really taking the time and reflection to know what those goals actually are in the first place.
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    If it is foreseen in your karma (or your pre-natal travel plan) you will be successful even if you can not do anything; if it is not foreseen in your karma ... you will remain at the stake even if you are Mozart. Right or unfair, these are the harsh rules of life on Earth
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