How to add Kontakt Library on MAC?

Discussion in 'Mac / Hackintosh' started by jontah, Jun 25, 2012.

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    I've had a problem for a very long time.

    There's a fix for this problem on PC, but I haven't read about anything of it on MAC (searched everywhere, even here).

    I'd be really glad if anyone could share how to add a library to Kontakt 5 on MAC when getting the message "No library found". I know that you should be able to add it to the library and give your own image etc for the library. Because now I have to go through and navigate in the "files" section, and I'm missing the GUI from the actual plugin where I can control reverbs, ADSR etc. Is this possible to get? if not, I'd still love to get the library inside of the "library" tab, that way I can keep track of my libraries much better.

    I know that on PC it includes some regedit'ing, I guess it's terminal on MAC?

    I would highly appreciate this.

    Thanks alot!

    EDIT; I found this on a site:

    1- Create a directory and name it as your nki sample's library. i.e. I have the PinkNoise Revolver package and I named the custom library directory as "PinkNoise Revolver Library".

    2- Create 2 directories as "Instruments" and "Samples" inside your Library. If you have nkm files in your package then also create "Multis" directory.

    3- Put the nki files inside the "Instruments" directory and the samples into "Samples" directory. Put the nkm's into "Multis" if you have any.

    4- Open Terminal and execute these lines: (These lines are for the example above and the desktop is mine also so change them)
    cat /dev/null > "/Users/uphuck/Desktop/PinkNoise Revolver_info.nkx"
    cat /dev/null > "/Users/uphuck/Desktop/PinkNoise Revolver_info.nkc"
    Put these 2 files into your newborn Kontakt Library directory.

    5- Also put a 574x99 resolution wallpaper.png image file into your Library directory. (optional)

    6- Open Terminal and execute this line:
    sudo plutil -convert xml1 /Library/Preferences/com.native-instruments.Content.plist
    Then copy /Library/Preferences/com.native-instruments.Content.plist file to your desktop and open it using Textedit.
    You will need to add 2 lines for your new Kontakt Library. Make sure that the k2lib value you enter is different than the existing ones.
    The lines that I added for the example:

    <string>PinkNoise Revolver</string>

    Save the file and move it back to /Library/Preferences directory.
    Run the Kontakt and add your custom library by using the "Add Library" button.

    7- The directories that the nki files search for their samples is changed by moving them. So open the nki files under the "Instruments" menu of Kontakt and point the "Samples" directory. Save/overwrite the nki instruments and that's all.

    >> When you need to use your new Kontakt Library on a clean system, you will just need to apply the 6th step.

    SO... I DID all of these steps, and now when I add the library to Kontakt 5 (note, kontakt 5, not 4!)
    I get no message AND the library IS NOT added at all.. what am I doing wrong? help very appreciated!

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    This is the so called regtrick invented by a dude named Johhny B...
    It was for PC at first but some talented one "converted" it to work on Mac also..

    It first started with the fact that you could add a wallpaper to third party lib:s like EWQL lib a.k.a lib:s that you could add on with the add lib function in Kontakt now that was neat for all user and i think that was the springboard for the posabibilty to add kontakt lib that dont have the add lib function..

    And it doesnt matter WHAT Kontakt version you have if done correctly it will work on any Kontakt version at least on Pc....

    On Pc you can also have only the dll and exe = "standalone program" files of point upgrade as long as you rename them to something like kontakt.4.1.1.dll and kontakt.4.1.1.exe it took a while to do that as you have to install renamehe dll.and exe files and then uninstall again with every bloody upgrade.

    But it was needed as som lib didn´t work without the latest version and that version may not work better than the previouse one in many cases it was not as stable as the prevouse one..

    So if i have Kontakt 4.0 installed i can have all those renamed dll like 4.1.1 4.2 4.3 and so on and they will use the 4.0 engeine.

    I can also have all version from v 1-5 installed and the work indipendendly..

    Dont know if that is possible on Mac "probably not"..

    Anyway it should work on any Kontakt version Mac as far as i know if you do it right..

    Here´s is what i found on one of the "original" site the one that spread it to the "public"

    1. go to Macintosh HD/Library/Preferences
    2. locate one .plist file for example com.native-instruments.Symphobia.plist and copy and paste it
    3. rename it to your desired library name e.g com.native-instruments.Tonehammer Waterphone.plist
    4. open it with Plist Pro and edit it by deleting all its entries except : a. ContentDir and b. Visibility (which needs to be set to 3)
    5. now open com.native-instruments.Content.plist
    6. create a new sibling and name is something like k2libxxxx (where xxxx use any 4 digit numbers, NOT the same as any other existing entries in the file.. So for example k2lib0001 and name it Tonehammer Waterphone
    7. Point your library's location under ContentDir in the com.native-instruments.Tonehammer Waterphone.plist
    8. Open Kontakt
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    Thanks for the reply!

    I did ALL of these steps (and looked it over that I didn't do anything wrong, and I didn't) and still recieving the "No library found". Got any solution for this? would be so much of a help! thanks alot!
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    @ Jontah,

    If you absolutely need or want to import and have this 'PinkNoise Revolver' Library within your 'registered' Kontakt Libraries ('Add Library'), well in this case you must certainly follow a complex and long process to make it working properly.
    But, what the Heck ? Apart the reason stated in the first part of my comment, why 'complicate' what can be so easy ?
    I mean, this 'PinkNoise Revolver' Library as well as the others 'PinkNoise' Libraries for Kontakt (MATRIX, Analog Monsters, Deep Flight, Virology,... ) don't need to be imported ('Add Library') within Kontakt !
    Simply launch your Kontakt Engine, then on the left side (Browser), simply 'Refresh' the Browser, locate the exact location of your 'PinkNoise Revolver' Library, then simply double-click on the desired .nki or .nkm to be loaded (or drag it to the right side), wait a few seconds that the 'Instrument' (or 'Multi') is loaded properly, and voilà !
  6. JLIT

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    Appreciate your input. I have some clients that are anal with their libraries and was curious what this long process you were speaking of. If you could point me to it I would really appreciate it. Thank you!
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    JLIT if you're still having problems, I posted a collection of library wallpaper activation files on AudioZ. I noticed this thread prior to posting the article, so I added PinkNoise Revolver as one of the libraries. here's the files for the Pinknoise Revolver library:

    you should find a "nicnt" file and a png wallpaper. Just copy the two files (or use your own wallpaper image, which should be 633x99px) into the Root folder of your sample library. Make sure you're file structure is correct as well.
    Then just open up Kontakt and add your library into Kontakt.
    Hope this works for you...
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    Hello there. Could you repost this link? No longer working. Thanks!
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