How does Boom Library copy protection work?

Discussion in 'Software' started by john klemens, Mar 19, 2023 at 10:02 AM.

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    In their EULA document, the company states;

    "This product uses two forms of non-destructive copy protection: user specific finger printing combined with an online detection system, monitoring over 400 TV channels and 75 million websites worldwide."

    Referring to this, it seems like Boom uses some sort of steganographic technique to embed user information and product identifier in their samples.

    Does anyone know detailed information about this protection method or vendor? More specifically, is it still going to retain the protection information when sample is mixed with other tracks and/or converted to different bitrate?

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  3. clone

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    Feb 5, 2021
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    this looks like UVI with a different plugin to be their Falcon equivalent. Soundweaver is ilok. It looks nice, more of a Logic style linear waveform multichannel editor plugin in the DAW itself. soundweaver Their sound library is *protected content using a wrapper plugin, like Falcon or Kontakt. The video overview shows hints of "ai" with it suggesting other sounds and so on.

    UVI Falcon Part 2. " Hello, Imageline?"

    They can say whatever they like about their ability to find their content used by people who are not their customers. It's always the same technical considerations with other software or samples. But they make it sound like they are running about 20 computers the size of WHOPR to find things that every tom dick and harry uploads somewhere as "music". That's probably the amount of tv channels and websites the developers have access to during the day to be monitoring every little noise.
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  4. aitken

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    Apr 26, 2022
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    What would they ask you if they find you release a record that contains samples from them vs you have your copy buyed ? there are many holes for this companies to dig in and ask you for more money
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