How do you find your instruments?

Discussion in 'Electronic' started by lost_soul, Nov 3, 2017.

  1. flashback23

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    Dec 26, 2015
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    I simply don't!
  2. foster911

    foster911 Guest

    I have a big secret for this story that even big sound designers have not discovered it yet.:bleh:
  3. Herr Durr

    Herr Durr Guest

    just love how this guy is always one step ahead of everyone.. and has the inside scoop and the real deal on all things musical...
    if only Mozart could have consulted the Pink Panther on the right way to do music... what unimaginable treasures we would have... :yes:

    in other news....

    The instruments I want are getting to be out of reach in terms of price.. so I just settle for emulations and reissues these days,
    and the odd lucky score... about the best we tactile tacticians can do eh ?
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  4. foster911

    foster911 Guest

    I'm not ahead of anyone. People are ahead of everyone that have never peeped into my threads touching sounds and like griots always follow the old traditions in their school of thoughts and measures and looking for some members to rubber-stamp them. I'm not that kind of guy.:winker::mates:
  5. Retrolize77

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    Nov 20, 2017
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    Just a quick thought: we musicians are average people and got a human ego just as everybody else , but as we can touch our hearts or let’s call it inner genius or whatever, in a way too many in our societies are not able to, we got a gift right there which is also a responsibility, is it?

    Please keep that in mind as some threads can easily go in a downgraded direction due to the human/imperfect part of us „beeings“ in here.

    Just a thought, maybe I label it too esoteric myself in a minute
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