how do you balance the drive to be good at work with the passion to be good at your hobby?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Zeyad eLmoghazy, May 24, 2020.

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    I struggle with this a lot , I realized earlier that music is a thing I love and I dont care about making money off of it , I have a 9 to 5 job that pays the bills , but I sometimes feel like balancing work and music is impossible , one of them have to win eventually which is depressing to me because I will always choose my job , Do you have any advice on how to balance them ?
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    That’s a complicated thing.
    If you can live with less money a half or 3/4 Job could give you the time for more music making .
    I think do what you love.

    It always dependent on many factors . I for example balance things like this, I got an 11 h day 4 hours are just traveling by train from work to home. But this 4 h I use for making music on my mobile devices . (Yes they are limited but enough for a rough draft)

    If you love making music you will find the free time for it.
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    Warning! Cautionary tale ahead. As a kid I was always drawing. Then I loved painting. When it came time to choose a career I studied graphic design. Brilliant! Combine what I enjoy with a money making job. When it became my job, it was work. Often hard work with long hours and deadlines. I'd come home weekends and the last thing I wanted to do to relax was draw. So music became my new hobby. I got good enough that I was playing live nearly every night of the week. Then I moved into recording, engineering and production. I did this almost seven days a week. I worked for others and made money. It was my job. My hobby was hard work. Now I'm retired and I can make any music I want, yet without an actual job brief, I don't have a reason to write music. Like drawing, if there's nobody to say "we need a picture of flying pigs" then the sheet of blank paper stays blank. As with a request for music to go with a short documentary about... let's say, flying pigs, the blank project on my DAW stays blank.
    The point: Not many music producers make a substantial income unless they work for a client, then you're back where you started.
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