How do I check the result from DistroKid?

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    My song was released more than two weeks but there is still zero result on DistroKid stats even though I hired a couple of marketing experts. I would like to check the result from the each market. Although I sign up for the each market (iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and etc), there must be no song uploaded in my account because DistroKid did it. Is there any way to check it out besides DistroKid web site?
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    Royalty reports take about 2-3 months for stores to prepare & make available to DistroKid

    DistroKid's "Musician Plus" and "Label" accounts give you access Daily Stats. Sometimes (often, usually), the sales numbers in Daily Stats differ somewhat from the figures shown in your monthly royalty statements. That's normal, usual, and nothing to be concerned about.
    Behind-the-scenes, those two data sources (stats & royalty reports) come from 2 different feeds that the stores make available to labels and distributors like DistroKid.
    The Daily Stats that it shows you, come from reports referred to by many stores as "trend reports."
    As the name implies, these trend reports are designed to give you a general idea of how you're doing--but are almost guaranteed to vary from your actual sales numbers. There are several reasons for the variation between trend reports & royalty reports. Some of the reasons may include returns, free trials, promotions, and other mysteries.
    Royalty Reports (in DistroKid's "bank" tab), on the other hand, are accurate to the cent (actually to 20 decimal places in DistroKid's database...).
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