How can i make money with that?

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    Maybe I’m just too cynical about this business. I’ve been in the industry as a professional since the age of 15 (classically trained woodwind) and subsequently as an music tech/player. The problem as I see it is that the public expect music to be free (we should look at ourselves maybe at our morals for downloading and using ‘free’ software – do we think it should be free as well?). Clubs and venues for live playing are on the decline and unfortunately (IMOHO) the quality of music produced nowadays is poor – indeed, I think 99% (of the commercial stuff – which is the stuff that makes money – for someone) is awful – it’s shite! There is endless ongoing discussions about styles and quick fixes to wealth and riches in this business.

    Erm. Hello! The reality check is that only a tiny few here will make any real money from their talent but there are so many more that think they have talent – and they don’t. I do not agree that being true to your ‘art’ is the right way to go. I believe you should learn your art (yes, that includes theory) learn your tools (whatever they may be) and be polite to your customers and be flexible in what is asked of you.

    I wish you good luck but please (for your own sake) strip away rose coloured glasses and be truly objective and pragmatic.

    This is just my two penneth and as I’m an old fart of nearly 60, I’ve seen the best of times, and now the worst of times – and every year it seems to be getting worse…

    Cheers and Beers.
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    Best advice i can give anyone is educate yourself until you go insane. We are so lucky to have this vast amount of free information that it is truly a blessing. Find your true passion and it won't fail you
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    On the Lake
    Then stay away from all the other women on the planet! LOL
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    Planet Earth
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    Imho,the new retro synthwave era that exploded on youtube in recent years(altough more underground) is so much more interesting and deeper than popular EDM.
    Sure i respect Skrilex,takes a lot of time and energy for such production,though its just feels lifeless somehow.
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    This thread is a bit difficult to read but heres my view.
    i studied "sound engineering" in "school" (university level)
    I have 3 diplomas and 2 degrees relating to sound engineering. i spent about 8 years learning and honing my craft.

    lets get the tough talk out of the way first..

    1) you say you need money to buy monitors YET your plan to buy monitors is to make an EP and sell it on itunes.

    sure do that, no one is going to buy it.

    2) you openly admitted your not a "prof" and no one is going to pay for non professional work

    ex. you find a band, they want a few songs recording but your skills are lacking, you charge them, but in the meantime your work is sloppy you cant stick to deadlines and the work is sub par

    (this isn't a personal attack but thats what would happen with an "amateur")

    just because you went/go to school for music DOES NOT GUARANTEE YOU A JOB.
    and believe me walking out of any institute and expecting a music job is stupid.
    you could spend your whole life making sub-par music for soundcloud.

    my passion is live sound, i like working in the studio but honestly i end up finding it boring you can spend hours and hours working on a kick drum and sometimes thats fun but i like the fast paced challenging scenario of live work.

    when i was studying i would spend my days in university, attending lectures or using the studios and recording artists.
    most of the early recordings are crap. but the more time i spent doing that i got better.

    i would then spend my nights "shadowing" at live venues which just meant hanging around the engineer setting up the stage.
    its an incredibly tough career choice and after a long time shadowing i got some paid work.

    because of financial situations i cant do that full time yet, so i have to do it on the side. (i need a mortgage on my house basically and freelance sound engineer is not a good thing for the bank to see) so i DO have a full time job, i work in a hotel its mundane and it kills me. but thats the reality.

    what you need to do

    is find a part time job
    have a career plan what you want and how you're going to do it.
    there are plenty of jobs in the music industry but WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO!

    engineer/produce/mix/master etc....

    they are plenty of people here who get paid for their work
    wether they have a full time job and do music on the side waiting to do it full time
    there are also people who like it as a hobby.
    and theres people who wish they could do it full time but lack the skill and knowledge.

    this is a bit long, but it's the truth.
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    Guys I find a way for now. I'll join remix contests i liked. I tried one and waiting now :)

    Wish me luck.