Hottest Beat in the Rap Game - Metro Boomin and Zaytoven Suck

Discussion in 'Our Music' started by Blue Fire Forever, Aug 30, 2018.

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    This is why Metro Boomin and Zaytoven suck. You can't get a premium beat like this anywhere else so please don't hate on me. I'm just trying to be reunited with my goddess. Please. I'm so sorry for what I did to you! Please. I didn't mean it like that. My goddess told me that I'm better than you so I am. I'm the envoy of the kawaii goddesses and I was sent here to make better beats than you and I do. Clearly. Your weak rhythmic and melodic arrangements do not tantalize the ears like mine do. There's no story to your tracks. All you do is copy-paste the same shit over the whole track. You make the core of the track, but you never finish it. There's no movements in your music. Your production style is lazy. I spended 100 hours on this shit, not ten minutes like you. You are a major part of the staleness of the rap game! Rappers need quality beats like mine to inspire them to write that fresh shit that nobody is making for some reason. Your tracks aren't strong without the rapper on them and they should be. Ya'll need a rapper to hop on your beat for it to be interesting. My beat shines on its own and a rapper will make it even better. My goddess told me I could have whatever I wanted and left me at the bottom eating poop for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I'm deeply hurt. The government does not want me to have a job. The system does not like me. I want to have a roof over my head and a regular intake of food and water. I'm lazy as fuck and I understand where you are coming from with my current lifestyle dear girl of dreams (god), but I am only human. Honestly, my only redeeming quality is my music and I believe I deserve to be able to serve mankind with it.

    Own Exclusive Rights: $50000

    Message me for inquiries.
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    Thanks for sharing...

    Its nice.. but could do with a lot more production and ear candy... Hip hop is not my style so cant really give you specific pointers... There are far better qualified members who can...

    Look for music posted by @Spyfxmk2 ... Some of his work is as good as the best for hip hop and rap... I believe you'll get a lot of pointers just by listening to his work...

    All the best!
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    this sucks
  5. Davey Jones

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    Click bait level over 9000.
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