High capacity HArd Drive?

Discussion in 'Computer Hardware' started by ProductionStudent1, Jun 6, 2019.

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    Hello to the Forum!
    I have 2 external hard drives full of Kontakt libraries (2TB and 6TB) and I am running out of space and also wishing to consolidate. There seem to be very few solutions to get , perhaps 8-10 TB of external storage with a a 7200rpm speed. I would welcome any ideas on how to get to this level of storage for Kontakt libraries.
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    I think you answered yourself quite honestly
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    Apr 15, 2019
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    Honestly, ive been thinking about a server.
    Shit's getting SO big now days. I Just did the Albion stuff coming in at 240 Gigs compressed.. Throw in Omnnisphere and couple Decent .NKIs
    Space has never been the Producer/Engineers friend in any studio. digital or physical
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    Interesting idea, but to install a fileserver that meets the speed requirements of music production, you would need at least a decent machine that hosts the harddisks. And some time to research the proper configuration, the right OS, how to set it up...I would say that two good external HDDs alone (one to work, one to backup) are much less money to spend and are much more fun to work with (if you don't throw them onto the wall).

    Though I would buy, for optimal performance, one of those currently cheap SSDs (4TB Samsung Evo 860 for 470 Euros, I myself feel my sleeping GAS waking up) and put it in whatever machine you have as a second harddrive. With the usual SATA speed it would be really comfortable to work with huge Kontakt and other Libraries.

    A smaller drive is not that bad, just to keep the amount of libraries to those who you actually need. I for myself experienced most of the huge libraries as 98 % dead space on my drive. They themselves have only 1-3 % of usable content for producing music, the rest is just overhead to impress me as a buyer (but to bore me later).

    Except you want to exactly rebuild a symphony orchestra, of course.
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