Hi Introduce myself and pure newbiestuff

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    I´m here now!
    I discovered the joy of manipulating audio signal processings late in life. Yes, i´m born -66 and I see it like a BIG milestone
    among my interests.

    I play and create midAir maps for the old and nearly dying game Quake Life. It is sometimes hard to play motivated and aggressive infront
    of a monitor BUT suddenly one day I listened on a song - A trap song and get hoocked right away! But when playing I just want the hard
    flow in songs. Not the risers and artpauses. Just the monotone beat pumping over and over.... YEAH! And there was my big interest born
    when I started to paste loop after loop in total unlistenable, for a normal person, 10 minutes chunks in Audacity to get my blod boil
    in Quake Life duels.

    Now when music takes more and more time from Quake Life its a little more balanced but ALWAYS trapmusic!

    If someone is interested I have some streams with some of my custom maps and some balanced but still manipulated, often a little older trapmusic here at twi*ter -> https://bit.ly/2C86aZJ - and dreaming of the day I can post a link with my totally own style of trapmusic.
    Dreaming of that day is so much easier with all help fom audioz supporting me/us to try out "the top of the art" DAWS, plugins and samples
    etc. etc. In the meantime Im pretty satified to just be a among the most skilled hackers and clever musicans.

    Enough txt!

    First is my wery first Accapella of Rihanna Oxygen - Flat and low volyme of some reason.
    Second is a 21 minutes remix of all remixes I find at that time of Rihannas - desperados. It has a pretty long intro so give it a change.
    Third is a remix of Mutrix mix of Michael Jacksson - Beat It.

    As I said Im a pure newbie so take it for what it is.
    If you think it sux pls give me advice rather than insult me.

    Thanks for your time