HELP (!) with Reason 5 syncing in OS El Capitan (and on up) to Mojave

Discussion in 'Mac / Hackintosh' started by krakdhaus, Aug 18, 2020.

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    Was wondering if anyone has had any luck (or method of) syncing/running Reason v5(.01) in the latest operating systems. Rewire in v5 is greyed out under the pull down menu. I've read/seen several work arounds claiming/showing how to get it functional. but I had have had no luck. I've purchased energyXT's RewireVST... which is supposed to do the job... but again, no go. The website for RewireVST is extremely vague in the description of it's operation... and there is absolutely no response from the support they offer (and after years of trying to get correspondence). I have a couple of old projects that I wish to remix with modern DAWs... and do not wish to simply make stems. I do have it running in OS's up to Mojave...just cannot get it linked thru to sync. I've heard installing the demo of v7 will do the trick, but it's not available anywhere on the web to download and try out. Version 7.01 is readily available all over... but it is an update only... where the v7 demo is required... and only v7 demo will work (well. supposedly... and I've tried v7.01... again, no luck). Argh! Any assistance would gratefully be appreciated.
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