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    Hi How are you ?
    Im french so sorry if my english isn't very good and I really need HELP :'(
    I've searched for 1 week all day but I don't have the solutions for my problems...
    I got an iMac and a Macbookpro
    So I have a setup for omnisphere 2 who works fine on my iMac but It didn't work on my macbook pro
    I run the .pkg file for setup on my imac and it says to me load disc A,B,etc...
    but when im trying to install on my macbook it doesn't says that it just run the install for 267,4 mo without asking me to load disk A,B,etc..
    when i go on my daw (logic pro x) it says that(screenshot)... and I rly don't know the problem because I did the same install on my imac and it works ... So if someone can help me it would be very cool !

    ps : I have to install the steam folder on an external drive because I don't have enough place on my macbook
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