Help needed : External modwheel and pitchbend or Joystick ?

Discussion in 'Soundgear' started by BibouLeNoob, Apr 28, 2018.

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    Hi AS folks

    I'd like to "upgrade" an oldie but goodie Yamaha digital piano (a P-90) with modulation capacity.
    Even though its form factor and keys weighing are obviously aimed at playing piano, I'd still love to be able to modulate some key oriented patches from various external vst synths.

    I can either plug a controller in midi, jack "CV" or USB via the attached laptop.
    The only thing is I want to keep it compact but can't find anything suitable apart from the korg nano series which I'm not very fond of because of the flat surface which I find hard to "feel".

    Hasn't anybody manufactured an external dual PB/MW "box" or a stick with enough resistance to be "felt" ?
    Or, you know, something which wouldn't be either a tablet or korg nano and more like a piece of "rock solid, feelable" hardware ?

    Any help would be appreciated ! Thanx ! :like::like:
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