HELP : installing Melodyne(Beginner)

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    Recently, I tried to install Melodyne 5(Cracked).
    And I followed all instructions in the text


    1. Install

    2. Replace with K’d Files in following locations:

    APP - /Applications/Melodyne 5

    AU - /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components

    BUNDLE - /Library/Application Support/Celemony/Bundles

    VST3 - /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3

    3. Have fun


    i had to make a "Celemony-Bundles" folders to put in BUNDLE File after that when i did all things, opening the Logic Pro X, showed an error window


    " Melodyne 5.0.1 (b 003) has encountered a problem that prevents it from loading properly. Please contact Celemony Software gmbH for further assistance."


    and i tried to find out solutions to solve this problem. Many ppl said "codesign" and i tried to use some codesigns(sudo....) with terminal but failed. still there was installation error.

    Need your help... :((((