HEEELLPP! LOGIC PRO X (10.4.6) Tempo on mix is wonky - whole session at risk!!

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    Hi Guys,

    Am massively up against the clock on this one:

    Desperately need help TONIGHT if possible with track of mine, "In Memoriam," a song "from" George Michael, which tries to explain why he's not here, and which has gone viral:

    Cody Codee on here, heard it and has generously offered to master it for me. Since the version ou can hear, I've added 3x5 backing vocals - all of which were in perfect sync. But the track tempo during the writing process began to fluctuate, and I only noticed when it was already too late to correct. So I left it. Besides, that slight fluctuation gave it a real human feel, it flutters between 110 and about 107.

    But last night, thinking I was on the home straight, and could get a premaster to Cody in time today (due for release Saturday!) things started going wrong. The vocals - which I recorded using a template that had saved the tempo adjustments, so they were always in sync wherever the downbeat came, are now off. Something's changed moved or been lost. I have saved states of most of the sessions. I just dont know what to do. And when I right click and look at the tempo options per file - save session rate to file, or save file tempo to session, or write session tempo to file - I dont understand the ramifications of each, and dont really have the luxury right now of finding out!!

    Hoping someone can help. Freaked out, and have Team Viewer and/ Skype or FaceTime standing by!!

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