having trouble installing aU protools hd 12.5 on windows 10 v1909

Discussion in 'Pro Tools' started by bldngblck, Dec 7, 2019.

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    i'm new to windows. i found a copy of windows 10 v1909 and installed it via bootcamp on my imac. i have fl studio running, ableton live running, and others. however, i installed audioutopia's 12.5 pro tools and it won't run. it will flash the start up scene briefly, then disappear and nothing. maybe it's my settings? am i missing something? i'm not sure what to fiddle with to try and make it work; like i mentioned, i'm new to windows, and the windows 10 1909 version i have has all the extra stuff turned off, and i don't want to accidently turn something on that i don't want. i did follow some steps i found to optimize my mac for audio production. could that be the culprit? any help would be greatly, and i mean greatly, appreciated.
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    I guess you need to change the Pro tools' Playback Engine. To do so, start PT while holding down the N-key (all the way).
    Afterwards a screen will open where you can change interface settings from internal Windows to a proper interface.
    In the same screen, leave the video engine disabled, unless you want to work on audio for picture.
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    Notice that Pro Tools 12.5 is slow compared to version 10.
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