Has anyone ever received support from energyXT or use RewireVST?

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    I purchased RewireVST a looooong time ago and have never gotten it to work syncing Reason 5 with any DAW (I use both OSX and Windows 10) There was no literature available... albeit a short video on YouTube and a very, very simplified description on the site.
    I realize it would be different on every DAW... but have had absolutely no luck running any of them. I've written support at least 5x's over the last year... and have had no response. Needless to say... I'm a little bit miffed. I don't mind dropping $30... but would LIKE at least some kinda response... OR a working version! (yeah... dopey me... in a rush I believed the hype and skipped running the demo to see if it worked) It would be awesome to sync Reason without the outdated/non-existing Rewire within Reason 5 itself.
    If you are not familiar with what it can do...check out energyXT's site.

    I've seen how others have rigged and have gotten around the Rewire issue... installing a demo of Reason 7 then deleting it. I have looked everywhere for it, but can only find the update 7.01 .. which isn't a full installer...and the demo of 7.0 is no longer available from the Prop's site. I even went into the contents of the update and messed with it's Rewire to see if I could get it recognized... but no go.

    Anyone else out there running RewireVST... and having success? or... maybe have a link to the proper 7.0 demo installer?
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