Hard/Dark Techno.. Specifically Kai Pattenberg Sub/Bass/Kicks

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    Kai Pattenberg and Amir Razanica I seem to really be enthralled with... all the the genre does this stuff in general... it;s just that those two artists are quite prolific.

    Mike Rud is another absolute favorite too.

    Ok... I know its all about the "reverb on the kick", and blah, blah blah.

    But I swear its just not that simple.

    For example... Doing that, always sounds sweet in stereo... but as soon as you mono-it, the shit falls apart and sounds like shit most of the time.

    However, because I have a SPAN and Smexoscope on my master at all times... I routinely analyze all the music I listen to... ALL OF IT.

    I always look at how many times there is clearly subby-reverbish-rumble in the side-signals.

    And I will always mono their tracks, and they will always still sound fine.

    Furthermore, I use Ableton. I have a utility plugin set-up so that every time I push the "p" key on my computer, it mono's the signal going through the master. Furthermore, I have the mono-plugin before SPAN and Smexoscope in the chain. So you really get to see how the Smexoscope waveform will change once switched to mono.

    When I try to make these reverby-rumbly-sub-kicks, the moment I switch the master to mono, the waveform shrinks on Smexo (obviously due to phase of low freq.).

    Anyone that focuses their talent on this genre and has any pointers will be MOST APPRECIATED?

    One thing is for sure... I WILL NEVER STOP TRYING... NEVER EVER NEVER EVER. I get close sometimes... but the problem is the mono-issues.

    Sometime, some of these producers tracks will drop a few tenths of a db from phase when mono'd, but that's a worst case scenario.

    All help will be greatly appreciated.
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