Halo Upmix in Seqouia 15

Discussion in 'Samplitude' started by Billuke, May 28, 2019.

  1. Billuke

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    Hi,New to this site and can't find a sequoia category so I posted here.
    Does anyone know how to use Halo Upmix in the new version of Sequoia 15 ? I thought since this new version has multichannel support per track it would support halo.Does anyone know how to add more than 2 channels per track.
    Sequoia claims up to 32 channels per track ,but I find no info in the manual or on the net about this info.
    Sequoia is a illusive beast to find info on.
    Any help would much appreciated.
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    Nov 23, 2018
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  4. junh1024

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    BTW: DTS Neural upmix is much better, but it has a LFE bug
  5. Billuke

    Billuke Guest

    The big issue I have with halo is none of the outputs match my speaker setup 7.1.2.
    In seqouia without halo inserted ,all my channels are correct including my height channels,but when I insert halo there all configured wrong with some not working.
    I went into halo settings and chose stereo input an L R C LFE LSS RSS LS RS and yes I know I have to create a track with nugen receive on it for the height channels.
    I've done this in reaper and protools with no problems at all.
    So you are saying you use halo in seqouia with no problems,because I'm baffled at this point.
  6. boomoperator

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    In the Halo Manual they say only PT 12.8 and Nuendo support the 7.1.4 Atmos configuration. But they're a little vague. You've read page 18?
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  7. Billuke

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    Yes I read the manual and do understand about the supported daws they stated.I just was curious if Sequoia 15 would work now that it supports multichannel tracks.
    Does anyone know how to add more empty channels on a single track in seqouia?
    This is what I can't find in the manual.
    I don't believe using halo on a surround bus is correct because in the other daws you put halo on the actual 2 channel track that contains the audio you want to upmix,not a seperate bus,except on a fairlight system.Like I said you need to have track that is multichannel.
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