Get mp3 320 from Spotify

Discussion in 'Internet for Musician' started by Highdom, Aug 10, 2017.

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    @pratyahara, @jazzzz Wow, thanks for this info! Sounds even worse than I had imagined :rofl:

    So using the Piezo recorder doesn't seem to be worse at all, at least for recording something every now and then.
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    Oh I forgot to tell my (literally) painful experience, the moment when I realized the lie about converting the DRM protected files to non-DRM files.
    To use these converters you have to launch the Spotify app on the same computer. I had it logged in to my Premium and also previously, by mistake, the output option was set to my AV-receiver via Spotify Connect. And when Sidify or the likes started to "convert" the song, it started to play on my receiver in hiperfast rewind velocity on - probably - zero db which means f*cking loud. It was scary, but fortunately not at night. I think I was able to turn off the amplifier quickly, before it damaging my speakers.
    But hell, be cautious!
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