Gefell m930 and New Tune Test

Discussion in 'Acoustic' started by superliquidsunshine, Mar 24, 2018.

  1. I usually record acoustic guitars with small diaphram mics, but decided to use a large diaphram to test out a new song idea with a DGDBCE tuning I have been experimenting with on my old Japanese 1980 Ibanez J-540 jumbo, a cool huge spruce top, tiger striped maple side and backed 40 y/o relic. Too bad Clyp mangeled the file to make it sound like shit on the bottom of my shoe.
    Here is a Dropbox link if anybody wishes to hear the flac. file. Song.flac?dl=0
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  3. lexeed

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    Sep 6, 2015
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    Well, I sure did enjoy that. I never even knew. Thank you sir, may I have another?
  4. angie

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    Nov 26, 2012
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    You should put your wonderful voice on it!
  5. In due time, my friend. I am recording songs that I have written but never bothered to document, tunes that probably can translate well in a proper band format though I will just do in a minimal arrangement with just a guitar or keyboard and voice.
    Thank, Angie, I am sure that I will. I hear whispers in the aether though nothing yet of substance has made it to pen and paper...I still don't know what this one needs to say.
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    That's a very nice recording well done considering how touchy LDCs usually are with environmental noise and just getting way too much of the room.

    Sounds very nice and good job on controlling the dynamism of the performance and feeding it to the mic rather the extracting it from a fader later.