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    The idea:
    if people want to contribute with their most used freeware Sets for composing, mixing, mastering, sound design, sound sculpting? It would be nice for the newcomer as for the experienced to get new ideas and contributions in this thread if needed. The aim of this thread is to know HOW do you make music with free software? Contributing and sharing our settings would help everybody to learn from each other! :)

    here are my simple examples:

    - SET Mastering Limiting Master Bus:

    • Tokyo Dawn Labs TDR Nova
    • Tokyo Dawn Labs TDR Kotelnikov
    • VladG Sound Limiter 6
    • Maat 2BusControl
    • Youlean Loudness Meter / TBproaudio dpMeter
    how is your mastering set ONLY with free tools?

    or like @Baali Soda wrote in the thread for making music with free tools:
    or by mixing i use:

    - SET Drumset Saturation Auxiliar Send:

    • Tritik Krush "Punch" Preset (overall saturation)
    • Audio-Assault HeadCrusherFree (Low Freq. enhancement / body)
    • Audio Damage FuzzPlus3 (overalll saturation)
    • Creative Intent Temper (High End saturation)
    or sound mangling:

    - SET Destruction Sound:

    • Eugene Yakshin Ribs
    • Inear Display Gorgon
    • Tritik Krush
    • Reaper ReaFir
    - SET movement Sound:
    • Stagecraft Software SC Autofilter
    • Inear Display Regressif
    • HY-Plugins HY-Filter2_free

    thx for your contributions!!! :wink: and happy mixing/mastering/composing/music making!

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