FL Studio v20.1.2 link effect of a channel to another channel

Discussion in 'FL Studio' started by daaSaad, May 2, 2020.

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    May 2, 2020
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    Hi guys, i currently use FL v20.1.2 and i'm gonna tell you what's the problem :
    So on one of my vocals channel i used all the slots for different plugins, so far so good, so i created another channel for example for the reverb but then when i link it to the vocals channel, the plugin doesn't work, i mean i can open it but the effect of the plugin doesn't work even though it's activated.
    So i unlinked the reverb channel to the vocals channel and then I deleted on the vocals channel one of the plugins because i used all the slots, added the reverb plugin (Valhalla Vintage Verb),and oddly, it works.
    Can someone help me with that issue please i'd be so grateful to the person that will help me.

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