FL Studio 24 bit Dithering issue

Discussion in 'Mixing and Mastering' started by EAR TO LEARN, Jan 16, 2020.


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    Hey guys I'm trying to render some mixes down to 24bit, I'm using FL Studio along with Ozone 9 on my master buss however I've just noticed that when you try to render to 24bit, the dither switch on FL greys out.

    Hovering over the switch it says '16 bit dithering'. Call me stupid but does that essentially mean I can't export to 24 bits? I have Ozone set to dither at 24 so what happens when I render? Does FL just ignore what I'm telling Ozone to do and render it without dithering? If that's the case how would I render down to 24? If the default is 32float why wouldn't they let you apply dithering to 24? Hopefully someone on here know more about this subject than myself. As if mixing wasn't hard enough:suicide:
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