FL Studio 20.7.2 and Kontakt Portable issue

Discussion in 'FL Studio' started by Shallow, Jun 19, 2021.

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    Jun 19, 2021
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    Hi there,

    I'm using FL Studio 20.7.2 (1863) on Windows 10 Pro 20H2.

    Everything is working fine, but I have some strange problems with the portable versions of Kontakt.

    It all started one day, I worked on a project, opened a few kontakt instances, and everything worked fine.
    When I saved and reopened everything was ok, but in one of the kontakt instances, FL was returning the following error:
    "There was an error sending the settings to the vst plugin Kontakt. The settings have not been loaded"

    When this happened, if I tried to opening a new Kontakt instance in that same project, the instance couldn't sound, with the ram icon marked in red.
    Everything was shown, and I could open every library without problem, but there wasn't sound.
    If I deleted the problematic instance and created it again, everything worked again.
    However when saving and reopening, FL Studio would return the same message to me, and the problem remaining.

    I had that problem with a portable version of Kontakt 6.
    I tried several things to fix it, and I got it to work, I don't really know how, but it went through installing a newer portable version of Kontakt (6.5.3, I think)
    However, I have not been able to solve the problem with Kontakt 5.8, which I need for compatibility reasons with old projects.

    I gave write permissions to all the folders involved in Kontakt 5, I tried several versions: 5.8, 5.7.3 and update to 8.1.
    I tried putting the portable folder in several different places, but couldn't get it to work yet.

    Everything works perfectly, I get this error only when I save and reopen projects.
    I did not detect a logic in the failure, it can happen at any time, or not happen. It can affect one instance, two instances ... and it can affect any library.

    Does anyone have any ideas or solved a similar problem?

    Thank you so much for your attention.
    All the best.
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    Jun 19, 2021
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    Hello again,
    I was able to test a project on my Windows 7 laptop, and everything works perfectly.
    Would anyone know where in Windows 10 I would have to investigate to try to fix it?
    Thank you,
    All the best.
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    How do I optimize KONTAKT's performance?

    The following guide will help improve KONTAKT's performance:

    1. Update CONTACT
    Make sure you have the latest KONTAKT update installed. To do this, open Native Access and select the Available Updates tab. If you see an update for KONTAKT, click the UPDATE button to start the installation process.

    2. Latency settings
    Increase the latency in the settings of your host program when using KONTAKT as a plug-in. Use KONTAKT 'standalone' (without a host program), open the options and click on the audio tab. Increase the latency by moving the Latency slider to the right. If no controller is displayed in the latency line, the latency is managed by your hardware driver. In this case, click the ASIO Config button. A new window will open in which you can set the latency.

    3. System requirements
    Make sure your system's CPU speed and RAM meet the system requirements of KONTAKT and your host sequencer. You can find the system requirements on the product packaging or on the product website. Please note that these system requirements refer to KONTAKT in standalone mode, without any other running programs. If you are using KONTAKT in a host sequencer such as Pro Tools or Logic, your computer will require additional resources to run the host program. If possible, add more RAM to your system to increase memory so that you can use KONTAKT and your sequencer more effectively. This can contribute to a decisive improvement in performance.

    4. Multiprocessor support
    Optimize the settings for multiprocessors. In the Multiprocessor Support area, you can select the number of cores that KONTAKT should use. You can set any number between one and the maximum number of cores available on your computer. Please note that this setting differs in the standalone and plug-in version. For example, if you set two cores in the standalone version of KONTAKT, the setting in the plug-in version will not be changed.

    5. Memory server
    Make sure you're not using all of your RAM to prevent samples from being loaded into virtual memory. If you use a 32-bit host sequencer and your computer is equipped with 4 GB or more RAM, enable the Use Memory Server option under Options> Memory. If you are using a 64-bit host sequencer or KONTAKT in 64-bit mode, switch off Use Memory Server, as this option has no effect in 64-bit applications and can impair the performance of KONTAKT.

    6. Using Solid State Drives (SSDs)
    The best performance can be achieved with solid state drives (SSD). SSDs achieve read / write speeds that are well above those of conventional drives. Loading and streaming times are greatly improved when your samples are stored on an SSD. It is not necessary to save your libraries on a disk separate from the operating system. However, due to the size that many KONTAKT libraries require, it can be advantageous from an organizational point of view to store your libraries on a separate disk.

    7. Save CPU power
    Be careful not to use unnecessary effects on your instruments. For example, if you load several instruments in KONTAKT and assign each instrument its own reverb effect, you will quickly consume the power of your CPU. Save CPU power by using only one effect on one of KONTAKT's aux channels and sending parts of the output signal from each instrument to that channel.

    8. Number of votes
    If you use an instrument with a long decay with a high sustain component, it can help to reduce the maximum number of voices played for the instrument in order to reduce the load on the CPU. You will find the parameter Max in the header of the instrument (see below). Be careful with this parameter to avoid so-called voice stealing or at least remain inaudible. It works best with timpani or other percussive sounds with a long decay and pizzicato strings.

    9. Notes on cloud storage
    Syncing content, projects, or samples to a cloud drive can cause performance issues. While it is possible to back up your content to a cloud drive, it is not recommended to enable real-time sync. Syncing your projects or samples should only be done when the NI application is not in use.

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    Jun 19, 2021
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    Thanks for your reply, but I'm not sure that's the problem.

    Kontakt 5 is updated to its latest version.

    I have 32gb of ram. In random projects, some instances of Kontakt 5 are not able to load any samples, even though they load the library.
    In those projects, any new instance of Kontakt 5 will have that problem.

    If I open FL Studio 32bits, however, strangely, everything works.
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