Fl Studio 12.5 Patch Fix And Plugin Fix Nomore Demo :)

Discussion in 'FL Studio' started by CashFlowBeatz, Aug 3, 2017.

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    we mods also have a RL, so we moderate as quickly as possible.
    So in this case it was to remove the link.
    this all would be easier if members would read our board rules, but almost nobody does and did this.

    anyway now you know.
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    you killing me keep saying it messes everything up or mess fl studio cut it out the flengine dll was included in the original 12.5 patch release on audioz i highly doubt within a day it mess up you program or not lmao cut the shit please that sounds more like a opinion you have give me all fats and show proof

    mines work perfect [​IMG] :dont:
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    Lock thread time yet? Or are we letting this one die with no dignity?:dunno:
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    delte it now r2r gave a release with basicaly the same shit lol
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    The same, but their one probably works :bleh:
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    we have rules here?
  8. CashFlowBeatz

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    give me proof that mines didnt work otherwise your just another person talking :guru:
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    ok here ya go anything that say bugfixes or updates in any plugins is what you undid ,

    12.5 build 59 (02/08/2017)

    Master FX slot is disabled when split mixer tracks is on
    New "Auto name effect slots" option, separate from "Auto name channels'

    Can't dock single row panels on both lines next to a double row panel on the bottom dock area
    Pattern groups aren't loaded

    Patcher: can't load plugins in some cases

    12.5 build 58 (01/08/2017)

    Abort of render can crash when restoring enabled mixer tracks
    Access violation when rendering to a file that's in use by another application
    Command line rendering doesn't work
    Deletion of pattern doesn't update channel rack properly
    Picker panel not always updated when adding a clip

    DirectWave: crash copying zone properties to all zones
    DirectWave: Library menu has each item in a submenu
    Patcher: can't load new Fruity Balance from old settings

    12.5 Release Candidate 3 (28/07/2017)

    New option to remove background image from playlist

    DirectWave: changed file dialogs to support favorites

    Clicking on piano roll timeline turns on recording precount
    Half height option for touch keyboard doesn't work when no pads are selected
    Infinite loop when rendering a pattern
    Last note in piano roll is not selected by select all
    Latency value can have two decimal places
    Picker panel selection leaves out last item in list
    Plugin picker focus rectangle is not drawn correctly in 64bit
    Projects load slower than they used to
    Quick rendered pattern names are not unique (duplicates are possible)

    Delay 3: signal is stopped when clicking on the timeline
    DirectWave: no warning message for Flush and Flush All commands
    DirectWave: loading sample from sample editor doesn't work
    DirectWave: error pasting sample into sample editor
    DirectWave: "Library" popup menu is not organized
    DirectWave: folders with unicode names are not visible in the library grid and popup menu
    FL VSTi: settings are not loaded
    Harmor: no lines visible in envelope images
    Love Philter: freeze previewing patterns in picker panel
    Plugin Manager: all plugins are marked as new on a fast scan
    Plugin Manager: fast scan after verified scan creates duplicate entries
    Wrapper: "Reset plugin when FL Studio resets" option is not saved

    12.5 Release Candidate 2 (20/07/2017)

    Diagnostics is now resizable
    Touch keyboard now has its own entries in the "Receive notes from" list for channels

    DirectWave: the default path for FLM export is now the "My instruments" folder in the FLM plugin folder

    Crash rearranging patterns in the picker panel
    Dragging the mouse out of the pattern picker doesn't always stop preview
    F1 doesn't open help file when touch keyboard is focused
    Multiple channels are deleted when only one is selected
    New plugins are not marked as new after a fast scan

    DirectWave: no overwrite prompt when saving programs and banks
    DirectWave: control automation is incorrect when changing programs
    DirectWave: multi-bank output is saved to the wrong channel
    DirectWave: channel VU meters don't always work
    DirectWave: Save As doesn't always open a dialog window
    FPC: initial paths of "open" dialog windows are not always correct
    FPC: color and icon changes are not always updated immediately
    FPC: export to FLM now writes a (monolithic) .dwp file
    FPC: crash loading some presets
    Parametric EQ 2 moves bands incorrectly when touch input is used
    Patcher: MIDI events from plugins can get lost (notes are not played or continue playing indefinitely)

    12.5 Release Candidate 1 (13/07/2017)

    DWP export: the Normalize option is now on by default
    FL Studio Mobile projects are now loaded into the FL Studio Mobile plugin
    ZGE Visualizer: four new effects from StevenM (Grid, ImageSphereWarp, Luminosity and ScanLines)
    Ctrl+L now assignes a channel to an unused mixer track, when the channel rack is focused

    DirectWave: it's now possible to save monolithic .dwp files
    DirectWave: "Export for FL Studio Mobile" option saves monolithic .dwp file
    DirectWave: loading a monolithic .dwp file now also sets the monolithic option
    Control Surface: new "Label" control type
    ZGE Visualizer: new effect from StevenM: Edge Detect

    Abort project doesn't work when project is loaded from the browser or dropped on FL
    Automatically created audio clips have audio that's out of sync
    Dragging a .dwp file to the channel rack creates a channel called "DirectWaveTrack"
    Dropping plugin preset on effect slot with same plugin loaded doesn't reset slot name
    DWP export: root note not saved in exported samples
    DWP export: octaves after the last zone are labelled incorrectly on the preview keyboard
    DWP export: zones for the last key range are sometimes empty
    Files in FL search paths take precedence over files in zipped loop
    Focusing a channel creates a pitch knob range undo event
    Free mixer track assignment doesn't work for some detached plugin windows
    Initialized controller values are not loaded correctly for projects with old Fruity Balance plugins
    "Unlock all playlist tracks from content" macro doesn't set size of grouped tracks
    No undo when dropping a pattern from the picker panel on the playlist
    Preview notes do not cut themselves
    Scroll in picker panel is too fast while previewing items
    Sort by name on pattern picker panel results in strangely named patterns in the browser
    Stretching audio in the playlist changes the clip unexpectedly when the time stretch multiplier is used
    Toolbar is too wide at low screen resolution
    Touch keyboard doesn't center on root note when key width changes

    Control Surface: button and checkbox controls don't show up as internal controllers
    Control Surface: labels disappear behind controls and other z-order issues
    Control Surface: button and checkbox caption font height is not scaled correctly
    Control Surface: reset via middle click doesn't work when minimum and maximum values have changed
    Control Surface: bevel doesn't remember name
    Control Surface: strange colors using the Rounded Gradient Rectangle preset
    Dashboard: some controls exported to text are scaled incorrectly
    DirectWave: missing indicator for played key and velocity
    DirectWave: invalid loop end after import of soundfont
    DirectWave: edit control remembers the range of the previously edited item
    DirectWave: trigger type label not updated when a trigger group is selected
    DirectWave: LFO wave forms are broken
    DirectWave: zone name colour in zone list is incorrect if there is only one zone
    DirectWave: no longer imports soundfont files
    DirectWave: edit box doesn't hide when zone list is scrolled
    DirectWave: no zone preview rectangle in some situations
    DirectWave: UI not updated when sample is dropped
    FPC: pads in bank B don't light up in dual bank view
    FPC: can't drop samples on pads for bank B in dual bank view
    Fruity Balance: automation and control links from old version aren't converted correctly
    Fruity Delay 3: crash on knob automation
    Fruity Multiband Compressor: crackles and volume bumps with multiple instances inside Patcher
    Fruity Reeverb 2: ringing with some settings
    Fruity Slicer: crash on load (64bit)
    MIDI Out: incorrect channel when using "Map note color to MIDI channel"
    Patcher: crash when replacing Patcher with another Patcher
    Patcher: crash loading Patcher preset into existing Patcher while holding the shift key
    Plugin Manager: "Verify" option is always on when the program is opened from FL
    Plugin Manager: scan doesn't update file date and time for plugins found in earlier scans
    Plugin Manager: some plugins are named incorrectly after a scan
    Plugin Manager: scanning FL plugins is slow
    Transistor Bass: freeze when loading from the Installed section of the plugin database
    Transistor Bass: doesn't respond to channel volume when changing preset

    12.5 public beta 3 (28/06/2017)

    Featured changes
    New: Fruity Delay 3 plugin
    Updated: Fruity Balance is now a native FL plugin instead of a VST

    Disabled all formats other than .wav for quick pattern render
    New macros: "Lock all playlist tracks to content" and "Unlock all playlist tracks from content"
    New option to copy color from one color button to another for name dialogs that create color gradients
    Render window has new options to enable or disable effects while rendering
    Split children option on layer channels can now be reset easily
    The mixer's default view is now "Wide"

    Control Creator: drag control preset to Control Surface
    Control Surface: checkbox and panel controls
    Control Surface: horizontal mode for sliders
    Control Surface: option to set minimum and maximum values for controls
    Control Surface: option to set font height
    Edison: markers are now added at the play position
    Harmor: small changes to the plugin UI

    Automation clips in picker panel don't update automatically when the user makes changes
    Clicks in recorded audio
    Ctrl+A doesn't follow the PL snap setting
    Coloring and renaming pattern clips doesn't updated unselected clips in picker panel
    "Current" mixer track doesn't stay docked to the middle dock site
    Deleting the last pattern scrolls to the middle of the picker pattern list
    Effect slot name changes when a generator preset is loaded into a mixer track
    Empty pattern and channel groups aren't removed automatically
    Erratic behaviour moving selected audio clips in picker panel
    Error when right-clicking a picker panel item while the channel rack was detached and hidden
    Exception when moving multiple audio clips in the picker panel
    Items in picker panel can't be previewed by holding shift and moving the mouse over them one by one
    Mini PL preview time indicator flickers
    Mixer effects are not re-enabled after DWP export
    Mouse wheel doesn't always work on picker panel when that is under the mouse cursor
    Pattern render uses automation values from last song position
    Pattern render cuts off early when the "Leave remainder" option is on
    Picker panel items are kept in view when moving them
    Pressing F2 after selecting an audio clip renames a random pattern
    Scaling and other graphical issues in picker panel
    Some keyboard shortcut alternatives (with typing keyboard on) don't work in the PL and PR (e.g. shift+B)
    Smart find doesn't work in the "Current" tab of the browser
    Time indicator in mini PR view is sometimes off
    Various sorting issues in picker panel

    Control Creator: control presets are saved with incorrectly scaled values
    Control Surface: toggling editing mode re-orders controls
    Control Surface: error message when setting a button's font color
    Control Surface: the + button appears twice after it's been used once
    DirectWave: editing samples can cause clicks during playback
    DirectWave: envelope faders don't have a rail color
    DirectWave: switch program option has incorrect value range
    Harmor: strange behaviour of knobs in ADV tab when they're clicked
    Maximus: scaling problems with some text
    Newtone: crash when saving a sample
    Patcher: error loading ZGE Visualizer preset
    Patcher: under some circumstances, threaded modules are not processed

    12.5 public beta 2 (30/05/2017)

    "Add speech" option in add channel menu
    New demo project: Synth_dfr - Overcome - Sytrus
    Touch keyboard scrolling direction reversed to make it more natural when used by touch
    Changes to auto-generated export filenames

    DirectWave: improved unicode filename support
    DirectWave: renamed "Total recall" to "Monolithic mode"
    DirectWave: monolithic mode is now per instance
    FL Studio Mobile: updated to version 3.1.52

    Access violation using shift + mouse wheel on patterns in picker panel
    Add generator button replaces instead of adding + other strange behaviour replacing channels
    Broken settings panel on touch keyboard if they're opened while the keyboard is still scrolling
    Can't select icon when renaming an audio clip from the picker panel
    Crash clicking on mini plugin list in mixer
    Dragging pattern and clip up or down the picker panel doesn't scroll when necessary
    Export to DWP options are inverted (for example: bypass effects)
    Export to DWP has clicks in audio
    Export to DWP exports only part of the audio in monolithic mode
    Export to DWP leads to inconsistency between sample filenames and velocity layer limits
    Fixes to deleting a pattern
    Leave remainder cuts earlier than it should
    Loading a mixer track preset in the Current track sets options that are not available on that track
    Loop recording with precount cuts previously recorded notes
    Mixer track effects can not be disabled on pattern render
    No shared data folder in browser after fresh install
    Pattern rename dialog has no title and no effect in some circumstances
    Pattern title changes color when zooming in picker panel
    Picker panel doesn't update after changing channel or pattern color
    Picker panel becomes wider after changing width and scrolling
    Potential color conflicts in picker panel
    Rearranging patterns in picker panel does not always show the drop position
    Render pattern as audio clip creates empty clip
    Sample preview stops when playback loops
    Save dialog doesn't use typed file extension properly
    Scrolling issues in picker panel
    Selecting a group in the channel rack doesn't select it on the audio / auto clip tabs of the picker panel
    Slow response in touch keyboard pads
    Text in project picker popups can be difficult to see
    Typing keyboard to piano and other keys don't work when touch keyboard is focused
    Wrong data used when selecting a channel
    Zoom of picker panel is not remembered betweem instances

    Beepmap: bitmap isn't scaled
    Control Creator: DPI scaling issues
    Control Surface: control resizing is erratic
    DirectWave: global zone editing initially has no effect even though it seems active
    DirectWave: no popup for ADSR sliders
    DirectWave: some options do the wrong thing
    DirectWave: alignment of some popup menus
    DirectWave: start region
    DirectWave: zones "slide" down when clicked on (with multiple velocity layers)
    DirectWave: program volume knob has incorrect initial value
    Edison: playback stops when adding a marker
    FPC: custom color is not reset when changing presets
    FPC: middle-click on pad should open rename/color/icon window
    Harmor: Prism mode doesn't work
    Patcher: noise on right channel after pattern render

    12.5 public beta 1 (18/05/2017)

    Featured changes
    New: clip "picker panel" in playlist
    New: "touch keyboard" window
    New: export a channel to a DirectWave preset (right-click the channel button)
    FPC: new look
    Patcher: threaded processing of modules
    Vectorized UI: DirectWave and Harmor

    Other additions and changes
    Added "Hide plugin window toolbar by default" option to General settings
    Added simple color option for the FL background
    Added hi-hat icon
    Changed NewStuff to Tevlo - Release Me (Feat. VEELA)
    Improvements to aborting loading a project
    Improved project loading time
    Mixer: compact plugin list on by default
    Mixer: right-click on (empty) compact plugin list to add plugin
    Mixer: playback tracking is now set to "Mixer" by default
    Mouse wheel now works on the channel selector in the event editor window
    Ogg-encoded wave files are now loaded without the Vorbis acm codec
    Option to close all plugin windows in View menu
    Piano roll: mini overview in horizontal scrollbar
    Piano roll: Highlight root key according to scale
    Piano roll: new "Dark" keyboard view mode
    Piano roll: ctrl + mouse wheel on channel selector selects empty ones as well
    Playlist: automation clip node popups now have "Type value" entry
    Playlist: mini overview in horizontal scrollbar
    Preset selector on plugin windows now shows preset name
    Toolbars are now locked by default
    "Transparent windows" option to enable or disable transparency for inactive windows
    Vibrator plugin removed from installer (available from the Knowledgebase on the website)

    Control Creator: improved look, functionality and integration
    Control Surface: options to align controls
    Edison: show selection length
    FL Studio VSTi: editor window is now scaled
    FPC: per pad automatable pitch wheel
    FPC: pads are color coded to indicate if they're empty or not
    FPC: pads can have custom color and icon
    Love Filter: added option to ignore note input
    MIDI Out: new "Note" controller type to automate sending note on and off
    Patcher: added More... option in plugin insertion menus
    Patcher: select other node to connect to when inserting plugin to node
    Patcher: load DW when dwp file is dropped
    Patcher: middle-click plugin title bar to rename
    Patcher: middle-click connection filter checkboxes to disable the two others
    Patcher: options to align modules
    Patcher: "tree display" option in Control Surface tab preset menu
    Plugin Manager: it's now possible to change the type of a verified plugin
    Plugin Manager: removed "verify shell plugins" option
    Plugin Manager: Waves plugins are always combined (VST3 + VST2) when verified
    Sytrus: popup menu for Send selector
    Wrapper: option to not reset plugin when FL asks plugin to reset

    Access violation when switching a pattern while recording audio
    Close and open popups in browser, playlist headers and clips with single right-click
    Crash using Windows shell menu option
    Default value for the maximum undo level is 20 instead of 100
    Main menu bar submenu obscures main menu itself
    New project doesn't reset PL position and selected clip
    Plugin Database tab is selected when the Auto snapshot is active and the channel rack is focused
    Using up and down keys doesn't work well when the plugin picker is filtered
    Start from current position when Wait for Input is on
    Timers not released
    Typing unicode characters doesn't work in some cases

    Big Clock: doesn't follow time when using Start marker
    Channel rack: steps showing after render of mixer tracks, when PR view is on
    Control Creator: visual glitches
    Control Creator: freeze when setting cap style to LEDRing
    Control Surface: resize controls from the top left instead of the middle
    DirectWave: access violation loading a program created from a Soundfont file
    DirectWave: can't type into layer velocity controls in some circumstances
    FPC: "Save entire kit as pad presets" window doesn't show destination folders
    FPC: can't open sample in editor
    MIDI Out: note color leads to incorrect channel
    MIDI Out: wrong parameter name
    Mixer: moving multiple selected sliders down and back up loses the relative values
    Newtone: kernel error in Windows XP
    Patcher: new plugin windows appear in unsuitable locations
    Patcher: can't add plugins to nested Patcher instance
    Patcher: crash when deactivating all parameter outputs on the FL input
    Patcher: improvements to dropping plugins on connections
    Patcher: .fst preset files not shown in preset selector
    Patcher: selecting modules with shift and control keys doesn't work
    Patcher: wrapped plugin window size doesn't change when opening options editor
    Patcher: plugin window title bar icons in wrong order
    Patcher: removed voice input from "From FL Studio" module in effect version
    Patcher: plugin windows show up on wrong screen
    Patcher: last tweaked parameter set on controller change
    Patcher: failure to load plugins while loading a project
    Plugin Manager: various improvements to plugin detection
    Razer Chroma: problems detecting new devices
    Slicex, Sytrus: discrepancies showing and hiding the piano keyboard
    Sytrus: OSC tab UI issue after resizing
    Transient Processor: audible artifacts when mix level is below 100%
    Vocodex: envelope follower gets stuck
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    i bet you im not
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    yeah, you are, or you're just another person pretending :lmao:
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