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    is there anybody who uses FCPX...I know it's been around for many years now.
    I knew that current Final Cut isn't industry standard anymore, but I've just recently had to do some editing and it was the only available choice at the moment. I'm quite familiar with Final Cut Pro 7/Adobe AE/Avid and Pro Tools workflow so I was shocked how FCPX was transformed into "video app for dummies". There isn't even export functionality supporting AAF/OMF?! There is some third party solution which is pretty expensive (X2Pro Audio Convert) but that's it. I can't imagine how could it be used for professional production.
    So...does anybody have any experience with it and FCPX -> PT -> FCPX (-> PT and back to FCPX in case of additional changes) workflow? Does it support 7.1 audio tracks? Is there any official statement made by developers about what happened?

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