EZ Drummer, Superior Drummer, Addictive Drums for MAC Catalina

Discussion in 'Software' started by XdareckiX, Aug 10, 2020.

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    Aug 10, 2020
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    Ive spent last day trying to install any of above software and I couldn't. None of the versions worked, especially addictive drums with 2.1.9 version which didn't include macOS installer. Can someone that has a working drum software on Catalina share his experience with me here or pm? thanks
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    Jun 13, 2011
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    Gave it a try being that I have lots of time to kill for now. The install instructions are a little vague.
    This it how it should probably read:

    0.Uninstall previous versions.
    1.Burn or mount the ISO.
    Copy the Addictive Drums 2 folder to (root)/Library/Application Support/XLN Audio/
    (you can now eject/unmount the ISO to save memory)
    2.From the XLN_AddictiveDrums2_219_OSX\Applications folder, copy the XLN Audio folder to
    (root)/Library/Application Support/.
    3.Run and close the software.
    Log file will be created in : (Caution, it's USER dir! In Finder, it has the House symbol)
    ~/Library/Logs/(ProductName) Logs/
    Open latest log file and find ComputerID.
    4.Run our keygen on Windows.
    Input ComputerID you found from the log file.
    Click "Generate (OSX)", save the license.
    Locate the generated license (LicensesOI.txt) to :
    (root)/Library/Application Support/XLN Audio/XLN Online Installer/App/Licenses/
    5.From the XLN_AddictiveDrums2_219_OSX\Plug-Ins folder copy:
    Addictive Drums 2.component to (your user name)/Library/Audio/Plugins/Components
    Addictive Drums 2.vst to (your user name)/Library/Audio/Plugins/VST

    Messed it up the first time. You will probably get two windows while launching plugin &
    after plugin loads. Just click through & select the kit windows.

    Wrong binary location
    Wrong resources version

    If all kit pieces loaded, you are done. Now try selecting different kits.

    Hope this helps & works.