Evelyn Glennie: Deaf And One of the World's Amazing Musician

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  1. She is deaf but has a robust solo career, performing world wide as a percussionist, playing alongside orchestras to the delight of audiences attending her concerts wherever she plays. Her's is an uplifting and enlightening story, overcoming all adversity to become one of the world's premier musicians even though she cannot hear. In this BBC documentary she speaks about what for her is to be an artist and we glean insight to her process as she invites the viewer into her home to reveals the true passion that fuels her inner desire as a musician. Her fire burns brightly.

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  3. Just trying to keep it alive and in the feed a little longer, it deserves it.
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    Absolutely inspirational. Shamefully it might have been the "deaf musician" title that drew me in, (not knowing her outstanding credits beforehand) but that turns out not just being a miniscual footnote to such an expert musician, but a look at what an amazing person she seems to be as well. I love how she mentions music maintaining a youthfullness, which seems to be a common thread in everything I've noticed in truly successful accomplished musicians. I hope I can be so lucky.. I'd trade a wealthy career for that any day.
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