Euphoric Hardstyle Lead

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    Layering leads
    In hardstyle it’s very common to layer leads. This makes the entire sound more full. A simple way to do this is to play a chords layer and a melody layer together.

    The melody layer usually has a more distorted or aggressive lead. The chords layer usually has a more subtle lead, because the chords themselves already create fullness of else it would be overkill to the sound.

    Use an euphoric musical scale
    Both the melody and the chords follow the same musical scale. This is necessary for them to sound musically coherent.

    To make an euphoric hardstyle melody, it’s a good practice to pick a musical scale that allows for an euphoric melody to arise. In this example, I used the A# melodic minor (descending) scale. I found the melodic minor to be a good scale for euphoric melodies.

    If you’re looking for a darker or more dramatic scale, you could pick the harmonic minor. If you really want to make a happy melody, just pick the major scale. And if you want to lose some weight, go for the weighing scale. Ouch!
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    this has nothing to do with mixing or mastering also its a pretty shit tutorial anyway.
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    Yes, this would be better into "working with sound" Sub forum... Moving it.
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