ELK Music Operating System (MOS)

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    I posted this as a response in another thread. I think this deserves a thread of it's own ...Anyone ever hear of this or have the chance to try it? Thought's?


    ELK is the first ultra-low latency Music Operating System in the world. It’s developed specifically for audio applications, eliminating latency, allowing you to leverage the power of software technology in real time via strings, keys, buttons and knobs instead of a mouse.

    Ultra-low latency (below 1ms round-trip)
    Linux-based, using single Intel & ARM CPUs
    Official Support for VST plugins (also written in JUCE) & Rack Extension
    Natively connected (USB, WiFi, BT, 4G)
    Full MIDI support


    ELK is a Music Operating System (MOS) for use in embedded environments which provides unmatched ultra low latency performance using general purpose CPUs or ARMs. This, combined with ELK’s SDK, which makes it easy for developers of VST and RE plugins to support ELK, will usher in a new era where the power, flexibility and selection of audio and music software can be run in real time on embedded hardware.

    Key features
    ELK allows musicians and audio producers to:
    UPGRADE their instruments and audio processors with new plugins, sounds or features
    CONNECT their instruments and processors to external controllers, like mobile devices, as well as the internet
    SHARE instantly, performances, sounds and settings online
    By allowing hardware manufacturers to tap into the vast ecosystem of high quality software instruments and processors, ELK empowers musicians and producers by both enhancing their existing computer based systems and allowing them to leave their computers at home when they go to the gig. Bringing all their favorite plugins and presets from their DAW with them in their ELK-enabled devices.


    Whether your idea of music production is to create the most, dense, modern tracks imaginable or something that sounds like vinyl from 1958, the core of your setup is most likely a computer filled with VST or RE plugins and software instruments.

    The benefits of eliminating latency and being able to take all of your studio’s power to every part of your music creation is probably obvious for you. But to name a few…
    Use the same plugin signal chain on stage or in the rehearsing room you do in the studio.
    Play or sing straight into your favorite effect and take control of every nuance of your performance.
    Constantly upgrade and personalize your instrument and audio processors with new features and sounds.
    Store your plugin presets in your personal cloud and use them across different platforms: desktop, mobile or embedded.
    Use the internet connection that ELK brings and easily share your performance on social media.
    Share your settings and presets with fans and friends or download their settings straight to your instrument or processor.

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    SENSUS was a prototype of the first real smart guitar in the World. In every way a real guitar, but at the same time a wireless Digital Audio Workstation and a true Internet of things (IOT) device.

    Like any guitar, SENSUS produced sound via the vibration of real strings. But SENSUS also allowed for the kind of performance and sonic manipulations heretofore only found in computer based recording studios.

    As interest in SENSUS grew, including it winning multiple awards at Sonar Midem, TechCrunch and the SF MusicTech Summit, it became clear that not only guitarists wanted to take their instruments to the next technological level. It also became clear that the ultra low latency audio platform MIND developed to make Sensus play and feel like a real guitar, could be adopted for use with music and audio production applications and so ELK–a completely new Music Operating System–was born.

    ELK is a MOS that brings playability and intelligence not only to a guitar, but to a wide variety of musical instruments or audio processors. It’s the first system which allows you leverage the power of software technology via strings, keys, buttons and knobs instead of a mouse.

    SENSUS Smart Guitar Performance:

    On the Namm we first saw a prototype of a Eurorack module on which a Propellerhead turned softsynth. The module has 4 rotary knobs, 4 pushbuttons and 4 faders, plus a dozen CV connections and midi. In this way you can seamlessly integrate the analogue world of Eurorack with the software world. Basically you should therefore be able to use all 500 Rack Extensions on that device.

    Mind Music Labs ELK & Propellerhead Rack Extensions:

    Markbass DV Mark Smart Multiamp:
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