EdOne - Dissection [Innervisions] : LFO Modulation + Blackhole tricks?

Discussion in 'how to make "that" sound' started by shinbeth, May 8, 2020.

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    Hi guys I have two questions regarding some special effects in the track released on Innervisions this year.

    1. there's a small high pitch alarm sound that comes back and forth in the background, looks like a LFO modulating this signal, starting at 2m45s before the break, and after again at 4m55s

    Can I do this in Diva and make this modulation in it?

    Although it's accelerating and slowing down back and forth, the LFO always sounds "free but somewhat synced" with the lead melody and the rest of the track, that's correct?

    2. also at the end of the second break toward the end, at the 5m38s mark

    there's a huge pitch drop/downer effect - how would you describe this and it seems to me that it's both a combination of pitch modulation and blackhole vst or pedal?

    I'm not too familiar with it but it feels like it, what's your take?

    Thanks a bunch.
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