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  1. dabeatbakerz

    dabeatbakerz Guest

    if anyone wants to trade kits feel free to message me
  3. madasfuck4kits

    madasfuck4kits Newbie

    May 3, 2017
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  4. youngblood53

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    Feb 11, 2013
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  5. youngblood53

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    Feb 11, 2013
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  6. SonoBeats

    SonoBeats Newbie

    May 29, 2017
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    Yo guys anybody in here has the cashmoneyap drum kit VOL 1 that hes willing to trade for couple midi kits that i bought from wav kit supply (internet money)
  7. JaredRichardson

    JaredRichardson Newbie

    Jun 8, 2017
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    Does anybody have the GameBoy Vol 3 made by 5AM/Sensei and or The Juice Kit made by Trill Got The Juice and PoloboyShawty?
  8. M Greene

    M Greene Newbie

    Feb 8, 2017
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    Just looking to obtain new kits. Did I do something wrong? :((((
  9. huschiwuschi

    huschiwuschi Producer

    Jun 12, 2011
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    I am curious , what do you do with all these drum kits ?
    Just collect them or do you really make misic with them ?
    Have you even listen to all samples ?
  10. huschiwuschi

    huschiwuschi Producer

    Jun 12, 2011
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    As far as i recall it is agains the forum rules to talk about warez here, maybe i am incorrect, in that case i apologize.
    And you shall not pay for warez!
  11. presplae

    presplae Newbie

    Jun 8, 2017
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    can i someone share with me the
    Industry KitsPurple Drank MIDI & Loop Pack
  12. M Greene

    M Greene Newbie

    Feb 8, 2017
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    I actually do! I like having a wide array of options! The WAVSupply stuff is pretty dope. I only asked to pay because I experienced people who paid from the website and didn't get anything! So when I run into someone who has it why not bless them with the precious greens?
  13. madasfuck4kits

    madasfuck4kits Newbie

    May 3, 2017
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    im not resell any kit that shit is smh asf
  14. madasfuck4kits

    madasfuck4kits Newbie

    May 3, 2017
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    i make music with them
  15. BHRebel

    BHRebel Member

    Jan 16, 2017
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    i have the polo kit
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  16. BHRebel

    BHRebel Member

    Jan 16, 2017
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    30 Roc Production Kit

    AudioTrap - Xavior Jordan - Three Peat Drum Kit
    AudioTrap - Xavior Jordan - Legendary Drum Kit
    AudioTrap - Prodlem - Prodlematic Drum Kit
    AudioTrap - Young Forever Beats - The Stash Box Drum Kit
    AudioTrap - Ghostrage - The Palace Drum Kit

    Ave Mcree - Traptendo-88-Drumkit
    Ave Mcree - Traptendo-88-xp
    Ave Mcree - Birds In The Trap Drum Kit + Icarus XP
    Ave Mcree - That's So Gross
    Ave Mcree - Ox Tour Life (Electra Bank)
    Ave Mcree - Trappin In Heaven (Electra Bank)
    Ave Mcree / Ocean Veau's - New Wave Order Kit
    Ave Mcree - Doomsday Lo-Fi Drum Pack
    Ave Mcree - Flylo Drum Pack
    Ave Mcree - Triple Seis Drum Kit
    Ave Mcree - Drip Hop Kit
    Ave Mcree - Bart Synthson (Electra Bank)
    Ave Mcree - Rage Is Luv (Electra XP)

    BKorn - PopKorn Drum Kit

    Beat Butcha Unreleased Kit / Folders 2015

    Beat Buffs - Ocean-Veaus-Vintage-XP
    Beat Buffs - Sylenth Presets Vol. 3 #Wave (64 Presets)
    Beat Buffs - D-March - Nostalgia XP (Electra Bank)
    Beat Buffs - Siege V1 (Icarus Presets)
    Beat Buffs - Sauceinator V2 (Electra Bank)
    Beat Buffs - D-March - Fully Loaded V2 (Omni Bank)

    Big Gutta Sylenth Bank

    Bigwerks - Multi Melodies
    Bigwerks - Rigel
    Big Werks - Purpose
    Big Werks - Secret Place (Electra Bank)
    Big Werks - Waves Vst
    Big Werks - Toxic Kontakt
    Big Werks - Big Sauce Kontakt
    Big Werks - Book Of Sounds V3 (Kontakt)
    Big Werks - Galaxy Kontakt
    Big Werks - The Morpheus Dark Epic Cinematic Kontakt
    Big Werks - Blue Rose Kontakt
    Big Werks - Trap Utopian VST
    Big Werks - Sound Source (Electra Bank)
    Big Werks - We The Plugg (Electra Bank)
    Big Werks - Big Bank (Electra Bank)

    B-Wheezy - New Echelon Kit

    Brent Rambo Drum Kit

    Brackz - Sauce God MIDI Kit
    Brackz - Sauce God 2 MIDI Kit
    Brackz - God Soul Kit + Xpand Presets

    BWB - The Wave V3
    BWB - Focus MIDI & Sample Pack V1
    BWB - The Vault V1

    Cardiak Presents The Asylum Drum Kit.zip

    Cash Money AP (Electra XP)

    Cooking Soul (Secret Stash Pack)

    Cosmic's Drum Kit V1

    Cough Chopz - IK3
    Cough Chopz - IK3 Pt.2
    Cough Chopz - IK4
    Cough Chopz - IK4 Pt.2
    Cough Chopz - IK5
    Cough Chopz - IK5 Pt.2
    Cough Chopz - IK6
    Cough Chopz - IK6 Pt.3

    CYGN Trap Kit V4
    CYGN Trap Kit V3
    CYGN Trap Kit V2
    CYGN Trap Kit V1

    D6 - Beast Mode Drum Kit + Electra XP + Nexus XP
    D6 - Pysborg Drum Kit + MIDI

    DJ Shawdi P - Vengeance

    Decap - Drums That Knock V4

    Deedotwill - The Fx Kit
    DeeDotWill - Gross God V2
    DeeDotWill - Gross God V3
    DeeDotWill - 100 808's
    DeeDotWill - Scissor Hands Sound Kit
    DeeDotWill x Lex Luger - DeeDotLuger Drum Kit

    Dimuro The Don - Sample Pack v1
    Dimuro The Don - 808's From The Vault

    DJ Plugg x Bobby Kritical - Flexx Godz Kit + Electra XP

    DJ Shawdi P Vengeance Omni Bank

    DJ Spinz 808 Collection V2

    Drum Geeks - 808 - Excursion (MIDI)
    Drum Geeks - Librah - Submariner (MIDI)

    DrumExpert.net - From The Bottom Drum Kit
    DrumExpert.net - SoulVybe Drumkit
    DrumExpert.net - Wavy Soundz Drum Kit 2
    DrumExpert.net - Drum Chemist
    DrumExpert.net - Inspiration Drum Kit by FreshyBoyz
    DrumExpert.net - KKB - New Beginning Drum Kit
    DrumExpert.net - Metro Boomin (Drum Kit)
    DrumExpert.net - OVOSOUND Drum Kit
    DrumExpert.net - Trap Flames The Finest (Drum Kit)
    DrumExpert.net - Wavy Soundz Drum Kit by MAXRXGH
    DrumExpert.net - SAMPLES PVCK 1
    DrumExpert.net - SAMPLES PVCK 2
    DrumExpert.net - SAMPLES PVCK 3

    Drum Kit Supply - Goodfellas Sample Pack V3
    Drum Kit Supply - Sample Champs V2
    Drum Kit Supply - Sunroof Shootouts Sample Pack
    Drum Kit Supply - Goodfellas Sample Pack V2
    Drum Kit Supply - Godfellas Sample Pack
    Drum Kit Supply - Winter Shootouts

    DrumVault - Phantom (Loop Kit)
    DrumVault - Moscow (Drum Kit)
    DrumVault - Rodeo (Omnisphere Bank)
    DrumVault - Straplanta (Omnisphere Bank)
    DrumVault - Antimatter
    DrumVault - DNA (ConstructionKit-Deluxe)
    DrumVault - Red Rum (Loop Kit)
    DrumVault - Solstice (Omnisphere Bank)
    DrumVault - Rodeo (Omnisphere Bank)
    Drum Vault - Water (MIDI Kit)
    Drum Vault - Reflex (MIDI Kit)
    Drum Vault - Olympus (Loop Kit)
    Drum Vault - Conscience (MIDI Drum Kit)
    Drum Vault - Thirty Six Sins (Gross Beat Bank)
    Drum Vault - Majesty (MIDI)
    Drum Vault - Space-X (Loop Kit)
    Drum Vault - Nascar (Loop Kit)
    Drum Vault - Draco (MIDI Drum Kit)
    Drum Vault - Molly (MIDI Kit)
    Drum Vault - Blem Drum Kit
    Drum Vault - Maui Bay (MIDI Kit)
    Drum Vault - Ambrosia Vol.2 (Loop Kit)
    Drum Vault - Bermuda (MIDI)
    Drum Vault - Blessings (MIDI)
    Drum Vault - Fake Love (Loop Kit)
    Drum Vault - Ghost Rider (Loop Kit)
    Drum Vault - Inglewood Drive (MIDI)
    Drum Vault - Key Pusha Beats - Anthems (Loop Kit)
    Drum Vault - Nimbus (MIDI Drum Kit)
    Drum Vault - Passport (MIDI)
    Drum Vault - Percocet (MIDI)
    Drum Vault - Racer-X (MIDI)
    Drum Vault - Vice City (MIDI)
    DrumVault - Magnolia (Loop Kit)

    Drum Plug - Ambrosia Sample Pack Deluxe
    Drum Plug - Los Santos Drum Kit
    Drum Plug - Electrified (Electra XP)

    Exclusive Kits - Futuristic Hits Midi Kit
    Exclusive Kits - Will-A-Fool Drum & Loop Kit
    Exclusive Kits - Codeine Paradise (Electra Bank)
    Exclusive Kits - Scales / Chords (MIDI Kit)
    Exclusive Kits - Chord Progressions (MIDI Kit)
    Exclusive Kits - Futuristic V2 (Sylenth Bank)
    Exclusive Kits - Futuristic V1 (Sylenth Bank)
    Exclusive Kits - Exuvium Loop Kit
    Exclusive Kits - Hollywood Flex Loop Kit
    Exclusive Kits - Joey Futuristic R&B (MIDI Kit)
    Exclusive Kits - Taliban Ju Of 808 Mafia - ILL BILL Drum Kit
    Exclusive Kits - Hussein Of 808 Mafia - The Kook Book Drum Kit
    Exclusive Kits - Holy Gross (Gross Beat Presets)
    Exclusive Kits - Will-A-Fool - Melody MIDI Pack

    Fete Sample Pack Bundle (Drum Kit V1+V2)

    Finesse Quest Kit V1

    Foreign Beats - Good Vibes Sound Kit

    Foreign Teck - God's Work Drum Kit
    Foreign Teck - Dreams To Reality Drum Kit

    Gangus Sample Pack

    GodSoundz - Sylenth EXP V1
    GodSoundz - Spire EXP V1
    GodSoundz - Diva EXP V1
    GodSoundz - Omnisphere EXP V1
    GodSoundz - Dune 2 Exp V1

    Gutta x Savage Electra Bank

    Heavy The Producer & MK Beatz - Channel 1 Sample Kit

    Industry Kits - Roses Vol. 2
    Industry Kits - Dark Alchemy V2 (Massive Bank)
    Industry Kits - Velvet Room (Serum Bank)
    Industry Kits - RnBass Construction Kit
    Industry Kits - Alliance Kontakt
    Industry Kits - Secret Stash Drum Kit V1
    Industry Kits - Black Venom (Serum Bank)
    Industry Kits - Dark Alchemy (Massive Bank)
    Industry Kits - Steel Hero Guitars (Kontakt)
    Industry Kits - Hades Cannon Dark Atlantis
    Industry Kits - Hades Cannon VST + Underworld Expansion
    Industry Kits - Studio Inspiration Tools
    Industry Kits - Out The Box V2 + Bonus
    Industry Kits - Dark Atlantis XP (Hades Cannon)
    Industry Kits - Big Werks - The Colossus Kontakt
    Industry Kits - Infernus Kontakt
    Industry Kits - Secret Stash Drum Kit V2
    Industry Kits - Producers Go To Drum Kit V6
    Industry Kits - 808 Gallows (Tuned 808 Pack)
    Industry Kits - Paranoid MIDI & Loop Kit
    Industry Kits - Infernus Kontakt
    Industry Kits - Roses MIDI & Loop Kit
    Industrykits - Semtex 2 Kontakt Library
    IndustryKits - Purple Clouds Vocal Library

    Jake One - Snare Jordan Vol. 6

    Jazzfeezy Presents Trap Samples

    Jerome T.W. Beats - Romania Drum Kit

    Johnny Juliano - Haywire
    Johnny Juliano - Riff Pack V1

    Jordan Comolli Drum Kit

    J. Robb Drum Kit V1+V2+V3

    Juzicy & Vontae Thomas Presents - Levitate (Sample Pack)
    Juzisy - Foreign Letter Drum Kit
    Juzisy - Over Nothing Sample Pack
    Juzisy - Saturday Chords Sample Pack V1
    Juzisy - Saturday Chords Sample Pack V2

    Julez Jadon - Travel Essentials Drum Collection
    Julez Jadon - The Codeine Drum Kit
    Julez Jadon - 420 The Smokers Kit
    Julez Jadon - Prescription Pack: Custom Sample Library V1
    Julez Jadon - Producers On The Run V4 (The Bali Drum Kit)

    Justice League - Sub Zero Kontakt
    Justice League - Stadium Kontakt

    Keanu Beats - In Motion Drum Kit

    Kev Barnes - Warren Buffet Drum Kit

    King Lee Boy (Elextra XP)

    KitSoHard - Fouché - Lit Loops (Oriental Nights)
    KitSoHard - Grand Evening Samples V2

    Larkin Beats – Lost In Kyoto (MIDI Kit)

    Lazy Drug - Poison Drum Kit
    Lazy Drug - Schumacher Drum Kit

    Lil Mister - Sonny Digital - Apartment 516 Drum Kit + Electra XP
    Lil Mister - 808 Mafia Care Package
    Lil Mister - Southside x Metro Samples Pt.1
    Lil Mister - Southside x Metro Samples Pt. 2

    Milli Got Waves - Trap Draco Kit

    MjNichols - 3 Peat (MIDI Kit)
    MjNichols - Nova Loop Kit
    MjNichols - Invictus (Omnisphere XP)

    Major Kits - Contrary Beats - Midnight Drum Kit
    Major Kits - Mubz Beats - Waves Drum Kit
    Major Kits - Black Diamond Music - The Black Lotus Loop Kit
    Major Kits - Galassia Beats - Antimatter MIDI Loop Kit

    Mantra Drum Kit Vol.1+2

    Maschine Masters - SEX RnB 2
    Maschine Masters - Tory Lanez Inspired 2

    MDC KodeineWavz VST

    Millan Music Beatz - Critikal State Sample Kit

    Mosley - One Man Band Samples

    N1 - Tropix (MIDI)

    Native Beats - Metro Dark Magic V2

    NeedThatKit - CJ - Stimulus V3 (MIDI Kit)
    NeedThatKit / CJ - MIDI Drum Pack V2
    NeedThatKit - Ravenous (Sample Pack)
    NeedThatKit - The Hills (Sample Pack)
    NeedThatKit - Pressure Makes Diamonds V2
    NeedThatKit - Clarity (HiHat MIDI Loop Kit)
    NeedThatKit - Chops to Flip (50 Sample Chops)
    NeedThatKit - Purple Moon
    NeedThatKit - Yakovlev x Canary Julz - WaveGodz V2 (Sound x Drum x Loop Arsenal)
    NeedThatKit - Red Moon MIDI Melody Pack
    NeedThatKit - No Frillz (MIDI Kit)
    NeedThatKit - Arkham Sample Pack
    NeedThatKit - Keyz Club Pack
    NeedThatKit - Foundation Sample Pack + MIDI
    NeedThatKit - Carpe Diem
    NeedThatKit - Nightfall Sample Pack
    NeedThatKit - Stimulus V2
    NeedThatKit - Exclusive Melodies Pt.2+3
    NeedThatKit - 12am Marauder Sample Chop Pack
    NeedThatKit - Dawn Sample Pack + MIDI
    NeedThatKit - Impetus MIDI Pack
    NeedThatKit - Inception Sample Pack
    NeedThatKit - The Ingredients Pack
    NeedThatKit - The Genesis Sample Pack (Limited Release)
    NeedThatKit - 5 Beats A Day Kit V5
    NeedThatKit - Exclusive 2K16 Kit (Only 20 people got to buy this privately

    Nico Chiara - Vibe Drum Kit

    Palette Beats - Palette Sound Kit V1

    Patchbanks - Dusty Grooves
    Patchbanks - Kingdom Cuts V2

    PittThaKid - Toronto Sound Kit V1

    Polo Boy Shawty - MCM (MIDI Drum Kit)

    Producer Grind - The Tax Season (Electra XP)
    Producer Grind - New Atlanta 5 (Loop & MIDI Kit)
    Producer Grind - Cali Trappin Premium (Loops & MIDI)

    Pro Stage - Crystal Pianos

    ProSoundz - Live From The 6 (Kontakt)
    ProSoundz - Midas (Kontakt)
    ProSoundz - Boomin For Eternity (Sylenth Bank)
    ProSoundz - Views & More Life Soundkit
    ProSoundz - IMS Sample Gold Sound Kit
    ProSoundz - Divine Kontakt
    ProSoundz - Sounds Like Bryson V3
    Prosoundz - Sounds Like Bryson Tiller V2
    Prosoundz - Dark Sky (Kontakt)
    Prosoundz - RnB Symphony Kontakt
    Prosoundz - Orbital Kontakt

    RARE Hellasketchy (Nexus, Electra & Purity Presets)

    RackzTheWave - Trap Wave Kit

    Rascal - Samples & Keys 3
    Rascal - Samples & Keys 2
    Rascal - Samples & Keys 1
    Rascal - Drum Kit V4
    Rascal - Drum Kit V3
    Rascal - Drum Kit V2
    Rascal - Drum Kit V1

    Rich Beatz Kit 2
    Rich Beatz Kit 3

    Sam Gellaitry Drum Kit

    Sango - Installment 1 Drum Kit

    Savage Beats - Gutta N' Savage (Electra Bank)

    Sean Divine - The Niche Kit
    Sean Divine - Urban Dreamscapes (Serum Bank)

    Skyro Beats - Evil Dawn Drum Kit
    Skyro Beats - Evil Dawn Drum Kit V2


    SoundMajorz - VybeLoopKit4
    SoundMajorz - VybeLoopKit3
    SoundMajorz - VybeLoop Kit2
    SoundMajorz - Animosity (Sylenth Bank)
    SoundMajorz - Trap Masters Kit
    SoundMajorz - Vybe Tiller Kit
    SoundMajorz - Vybe Sylenth Bank
    SoundMajorz - Vybe Drum Kit V5
    SoundMajorz - Vybe Drum Kit V6
    SoundMajorz - Vybe Parametric EQ 2 Presets
    SoundMajorz - Vybe Electra Bank

    Sound Oracle - Percussion Loops Inferno Drums
    Sound Oracle - The Oracle Vault Pt.1

    Studio Plug - Panda Drum Kit V1 + Dune 2 Presets
    StudioPlug - Snowcaine (MIDI Kit)
    Studio Plug - California Hitz Drum Kit
    Studio Plug - 808 Studio HQ Mixed Drum Kit
    Studio Plug - Nat Life Drum Kit
    Studio Plug - August 28th Drum Kit
    Studio Plug - Wondagurl Life Drum Kit
    Studio Plug - Moonrock (Omni Bank)
    Studio Plug - Migos Drum Kit
    StudioPlug - 6lack (Dune 2 Present Bank)
    Studio Plug - Ghouls & Goblins (Dune 2 Preset Bank)

    Studio Sounds - Nebula: Arps & Sequences (Massive Bank)
    Studio Sounds - OVO The Dynasty V2 (Sylenth)
    Studio Sounds - Urban RnB & Pop V1 (Massive)
    Studio Sounds - OVO The Dynasty V1 (Sylenth)
    Studio Sounds - Muddy Cups The Refill V1 (Sylenth)
    Studio Sounds - Mustard On The Bank (Massive)
    Studio Sounds - The G.O.O.D Book V1 (Massive)

    Swindail - Cheesecake Pack V2
    Swindail - Cheesecake Pack V1

    SwuM Sample Pack - Future RnB Edition

    Sxctt - Four One Six (Drumkit)
    Sxctt - Four Two Six (Drumkit)

    Producer Grind - Drake-More-Life-Drums-Samples
    Producer Grind - New Atlanta V4

    OfficialKid808 Drum Kit + Expansions (1000+ Presets)

    Ozhora Miyagi - The Bakuzen Sound Kit V1

    O.Z. - Batman's Dark Soul Kit (German Producer)
    O.Z. - Magic City Drum Kit

    Trap Camp - Drench God (Electra XP)

    The Beat Lounge - Space Sauce V1 (Sylenth & Serum)

    The Cratez - Hunnid Chant Collection
    The Cratez - Messiah (Omnisphere Bank)
    The Cratez - Immortal Kontakt
    The Cratez - The Council (Omnisphere Bank)
    The Cratez - Waves Drum Kit
    The Cratez - Live Hat Collection
    The Cratez - Opposites Attract Sound Kit
    The Cratez - Extraordinary Drums & Vox V2
    The Cratez - Hunnid Chant Collection

    The Jazzfeezy Drum Kit V1 (Hit Boy Sound Guy)

    The Official Papamitrou Signature Drum Kit

    TM-88 - Nightmare Kit V2

    The Martianz - The Arrival Kit
    The Martianz - Crash Landing Kit

    TheProducersPlug - DJ Shawdi P - The Draco Drum Kit
    TheProducersPlug - #New Wave (Electra Bank)
    TheProducersPlug - #New Wave (Icarus XP)
    The Producers Plug - Too Much Sauce V3 (MIDI Kit)

    Thunder6 Drum Kit

    Tony Montana (Electra XP)

    Top Sounds Audio - PROBLEMATIC (DRUM KIT)
    Top Sounds Audio - OVERFLOW (MIDI LOOP KIT)
    Top Sounds Audio - MATRIX (ICARUS BANK)
    Top Sounds Audio - GRAVEYARDS (MIDI LOOP KIT)
    Top Sounds Audio - DESIGNER DRUGS (MIDI KIT)
    Top Sounds Audio - SECRETS (DRUM KIT)
    Top Sounds Audio - SURF SZN (Sound Kit)
    Top Sounds Audio - Glowing Nites (Electra XP)
    TopSoundsAudio - In Love With Maria (Massive Bank)
    TopSoundsAudio - The Dark Age (Electra Bank)
    TopSoundsAudio - Third Eye Sample Pack
    TopSoundsAudio - Static Pressure (Dune 2)
    TopSoundsAudio - Stranger Things (MIDI Loop Kit)
    Top Sounds Audio - Ignoble (Snare Kit) By Lord Ghost
    Top Sounds Audio - The Selfie Loop Pack V3
    TopSoundsAudio - After Midnight (MIDI)
    TopSoundsAudio - Codeine Cowboy Drum Kit
    TopSoundsAudio - Boomin Bass (808 Kontakt Bank)
    TopSoundsAudio - Don Pablo (Nexus Preset Bank)
    TopSoundsAudio - FL God (Mixer Preset Bank)
    TopSoundsAudio - Fully Loaded Drum Kit
    TopSoundsAudio - Unpleasant Loop Kit
    TopSoundsAudio - Kyoto Dreams (Serum Bank)
    TopSoundsAudio - Kyoto Nights (Hi-Hat MIDI Kit)
    TopSoundsAudio - Almost August (Drum Kit)
    TopSoundsAudio - Night Drive (MIDI)
    TopSoundsAudio - No More Parties (Loop Kit)
    TopSoundsAudio - Eestbound - Eest End (Drum Kit)
    TopSoundsAudio - Surf God (Drum Kit)
    TopSoundsAudio - The Meltdown (Drum Kit)
    TopSoundsAudio - The Naked Skates (Hi-Hat MIDI Kit)
    TopSoundsAudio - The Selfie Vol.1 (Loop Kit)
    TopSoundsAudio - The Selfie Vol.2 (Loop Kit)
    TopSoundsAudio / Young Antho - Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight (Drum Kit)
    TopSoundsAudio / Lord Ghost - Purple Thongs (Sylenth Preset Bank)
    TopSoundsAudio - Time Travel (Omnisphere Bank)
    TopSoundsAudio - Kalifornia (Xpand2 Bank)
    TopSoundsAudio - Venutian (Omnisphere Bank)
    TopSoundsAudio - Portlandia (Electra Bank)
    TopSoundsAudio - Neon Demon Sound Kit
    TopSoundsAudio - Pink Tide Loop Kit
    TopSoundsAudio - October Loop Pack
    TopSoundsAudio - Spooky Nights Loop Pack
    TopSoundsAudio - Twin Peaks (Omnisphere Bank)
    TopSoundsAudio - Eestbound Official Drum Kit
    TopSoundsAudio - Drugs In The Bathroom (MIDI Loop Kit)
    TopSoundsAudio - Alive & Well (Loop Pack)
    TopSoundsAudio - Small Boat Drum Kit
    TopSoundsAudio - Aesthetics (Electra Bank)
    TopSoundsAudio - A Night Off (MIDI Loop Kit)
    TopSoundsAudio - After Midnight (MIDI Loop Kit)
    TopSoundsAudio - Hands Of God (Gross Beat Bank)
    TopSoundsAudio - Bel Air (MIDI & Loop Kit)
    TopSoundsAudio - Necrophelia (Nexus XP)
    TopSoundsAudio - Utopia MIDI Kit
    TopSoundsAudio - Demise 808 MIDI Kit
    TopSoundsAudio / Wondagurl - Wondaful Night Drum Kit
    TopSoundsAudio - Deep Water Drum Kit
    TopSoundsAudio - Styx Sound Kit
    TopSoundsAudio - Serenity (MIDI Hat Kit)
    TopSoundsAudio - Surveilence Sound Kit
    TopSoundsAudio - Purple Children (Nexus XP)
    TopSoundsAudio - Under The Influence Drum Kit
    TopSoundsAudio - Ocean Reverie (Massive Bank)
    TopSoundsAudio - Private Hours Drum Kit
    TopSoundsAudio - 40 Nights Drum Kit (By Noah Shebib) + Omni XP + Massive XP
    TopSoundsAudio - Wondagurl - Wondaful Time Drum Kit
    TopSoundsAudio - Metro Boomin - Ocean Drive (Electra Bank)

    Trell Got Wings - No Limits Drum Kit

    TrillGotJuice - PoloBoyShawty - Drip Kit Vol. 1

    Unreleased "Lex Luger Sounds" From His Laptop (Real)

    Versache Red Kit

    WavSupply - The Martianz (Shoreline Kit)
    WavSupply - MJ Nichols (Zenith Sample Pack)
    WavSupply - KC Supreme - Mirrors (Gross Beat Bank)
    WavSupply - J.R. Hitmaker - Roulette (MIDI Kit)
    WavSupply - Chaos - Eon Sample Pack
    WavSupply - Pharaoh Vice - Amber
    WavSupply - Chaos - HitMyLine (Midi Kit)
    WavSupply - KC Supreme - Anubis (MIDI)
    WavSupply - Nic Mira - Jade Gross Beat Bank
    WavSupply - Taz Taylor - Analog Money Sample Pack
    WavSupply - J.R. Hitmaker - Revenge Sample Pack
    WavSupply - J.R. Hitmaker - Villain (Omni Bank)
    WavSupply - J.R. Hitmaker - Renegade Sample Pack
    WavSupply - E-Trou - VVS (Electra Bank)
    WavSupply - Chaos - Blackvine (MIDI)
    WavSupply - Taz Taylor - Midi Money V3 (MIDI Kit)
    WavSupply - J.R.Hitmaker - Greed Loop Kit
    WavSupply - Nick Mira - Integra Sample Pack
    WavSupply - The Martianz - Palm Ave Loop Kit
    WavSupply - BWB - Wav R Us Drum Kit
    WavSupply - Nick Mira - Amethyst (Sample Pack)
    WavSupply - Nick Mira - Luna (Omnisphere Bank)
    WavSupply - E-Trou - Paracosm Loop Kit
    WavSupply - Leaux Key MIDI Kit
    WavSupply - Beat Demons All In One Mix & Mastering FL Presets
    WavSupply - KC Supreme - Ginsu Loop Kit
    WavSupply - The Martianz - Sunset Omni Bank
    WavSupply - Mayeniac - Strawberrita Dreams (Omni Bank)
    WavSupply - Nick Mira - Enzo (MIDI Drum Kit)
    WavSupply - DT Hitz - Stigma Drum Kit
    WavSupply - Taz Taylor - Midi Money V2
    WavSupply - J.R. Hitmaker - Throne (MIDI Kit)
    WavSupply - KC Supreme - Parralels Drum Kit
    WavSupply - KC Supreme - Enigma (Dune 2 Bank)
    WavSupply - Nick Mira - Flux (Gross Beat Preset Bank)
    WavSupply - Countach - Tour De France (Sylenth Bank)
    WavSupply - Countach - F1 Sample Kit
    WavSupply - J.R. Hitmaker - Lucid Dreams Loop Kit
    WavSupply - Taz Taylor x The Martianz - Martian Money Loop Kit
    WavSupply - E-Trou - Magnum Opus Sample Pack
    WavSupply - E-Trou - Black Mass Sample Pack
    WavSupply - TheLabCook - TheLabCook Kit V1
    WavSupply - Mayeniac - Cloud God Drum Kit
    WavSupply - Chaos - Emerald City (MIDI Kit)
    WavSupply - LeauxFi - The 6ix God Drum Kit
    WavSupply - Dez Wright - Wildflower (Loop Kit)
    WavSupply - Taz Taylor - Midi Money (MIDI Kit)
    WavSupply - The Martianz - Euro (Electra Bank)
    WavSupply - Nick Mira - Yacht Club Sample Pack
    WavSupply - Mayeniac - Equinox (Electra Bank)
    WavSupply - The Martianz - Orbit (Loop Kit)
    WavSupply - KC Supreme - Osiris (MIDI Kit)
    WavSupply - Nick Mira - Banshee (MIDI Kit)
    WavSupply - Nick Mira - Shogun (Omni Bank)
    WavSupply - The Martianz - Dawn (Omni Bank)
    WavSupply - The Martianz - TreFlip (Gross Beat Bank)
    WavSupply - J.R. Hitmaker - Traffic (Keys Loop Kit)
    WavSupply - Trell Vs. Rell . Brickmas (Loop + Drum Kit)
    WavSupply - J.R. Hitmaker - Reign (MIDI)
    WavSupply - Margiela (MIDI Kit)
    WavSupply - TheBeatPlug - Plug SZN V2
    WavSupply - The Martianz - Balance MIDI Kit
    WavSupply - KC Supreme - Winter MIDI Kit
    WavSupply - Countach - Grand Prix Loop Kit
    WavSupply - Taz Taylor - God Level V2 (MIDI Kit)
    WavSupply - Countach - Grand Prix Loop Kit
    WavSupply - Nick Mira - Lithium Loop Kit
    WavSupply - Taz Taylor - God Level V1 (MIDI Kit)
    WavSupply - DT Hitz - Friends (MIDI Kit)
    WavSupply - Mayeniac - Deception Sylenth
    WavSupply - Bricc Flair - Alfa MIDI Kit
    WavSupply - J.R. Hitmaker - Caffeine Sample Pack + 808's
    WavSupply - Mayeniac - DMSN Drum Kit
    WavSupply - mjNichols - Gaviria Drum Kit
    WavSupply - mjNichols - Cartier Loop Kit + MIDI
    WavSupply - DT Hitz - Mortar (Loop Kit)
    WavSupply - J.R. Hitmaker - Trap Sanctuary Drum Kit
    WavSupply - J.R. Hitmaker - Insomnia Drum Kit
    WavSupply - Mayeniac Lysergic Drum Kit

    WIZE - The Elements (Fire Edition) + Bonus Kit
    WIZE - The Elements (Water Edition) + Bonus Kit

    Wondagurl - Wondaful Time Drum Kit

    Wunluv - Must Have Volume One

    Yakovlev - Gross Mode V2
    Yakovlev - Underrated MIDI Kit

    Y.I.B. - Master Chemist Drum Kit

    Young Kelz - Drip Season V2 MIDI
    Young Kelz Sauce (Electra XP)

    Yung Coke - Tokyo Diamonds Drum Kit

    Yung Lan On The Trak MIDI & Loop Bank

    Zaytoven Way Vol.1 (MIDI Kit)
    Zaytoven Official Drum Kit
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  18. C.R.U.S.H.

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    U have internet/ everybody kits that I want to trade, I have exclusives from over 300 unreleased and hits records off the SSL post mix already [email protected]
  19. C.R.U.S.H.

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    U have internet/ everybody kits that I want to trade, I have exclusives from over 300 unreleased and hits records off the SSL post mix already chopped.. [email protected]
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    If anyone wants to trade kits hit me up. I have a large collection including exclusives and hard to find kits. [email protected]
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    hmu [email protected]
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