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    After the Unwritten, I was thinking… What if I did a library with Omnisphere 2 about Sines. Any kind of sine wave sound. Back to the basics. But, effective. So, I decided to start on a project using only Sine sounds. Not only your classic pure sine wave. But, any kind of sine wave available in Omnisphere 2. Whether it was samples or pure DSP. I started with BPM patches and just went with my gut from there. Dream of Sines is full of unique, diverse, gritty and everything in between sounds.

    As with every library I make, I try to make them as universal as possible so everyone will have something to use. Dream of Sines is no exception. There is no Genre locked sound. Every sound could be used for anything you want. With subtle edits here and there, it is yours. Film, Game, Ambient, EDM, Down-tempo, Rock, Hip-hop, R&B etc, etc.

    This is actually the first part of a series I am working on. I bet you can guess what the next ones might be. Just go through all the basic waveforms. Although, this is not the first sound library of this kind, I do believe it is still unique, useful and beautiful. So, go beyond the norm if you choose and continue to make that beautiful music for anything you choose. Never stop composing as it is the root of Human sanity.

    Enjoy 50 patches that could be used in any genre, each Sine patch is different. They all range from ARP, BPM, Bass, Keys, Guitar Like, Pads, Textures and More. Watch the demos and decide for yourself.

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