Does anybody make techno in Studio One?

Discussion in 'DAW' started by Bunford, Feb 24, 2018.

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    Whenever I see people techno, it seems to be virtually exclusively in Ableton. Just wondering if anybody here makes techno and uses Studio One?

    I use Ableton and Studio One presently, but have onlye really used Studio One minimally or for making film score type music rather than 4/4 techno style of music. Just curious as to whether it's worth migrating totally over to Studio One, and what are the obvious things I might lose out from doing so in people's opinions?
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    I have a love-hate relationship with S1. I am loving workflow and capabilities, but GUI is very uninspiring and on the other side I am also bored of (Ableton) Live, using it since version 4 and looking at something to switch to. I am tired of waiting for developers to implement some basic things that is missing for years.
    My other DAW was Logic, but since version 10 (LPX) I just don't "feel" dark GUI and after using S1, I hate to go back to slow and clunky Logic's browser and archaic native sampler (EXS24).

    S1 is closest to perfect DAW by workflow for me, and I love working in it, but for some reason, when I start working in it I feel somehow limited and my creativity for sound design and ideas is very "directional".
    Also, some of the implementations that are new in V3(.5) seem like half-baked and unfinished, like macro buttons which you can't automate, drop down search of plugins when you need to click on search field first and type fast, scratch pad and arrangement track are also half-implemented, pale copy of Cubase' Arranger...
    I hope version 4 will fix some of the quirks and bring S1 closer to be more inspiring DAW, especially in GUI department, which to me feels too flat and just depressive. Version 2 was nicer looking, but I couldn't live without some of V3 upgrades.

    I feel different when using Live, but then again, arrangement in Live is PITA (they fixed it a little bit in version 10, but not enough, especially for the price of upgrade).
    Since few days, I am contemplating to try Bitwig more harder, as it has some features both from Logic, Live and S1 but it's still not super stable and "fluid".
    I guess there is no perfect DAW, just a compromises...

    Cheers :)
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