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    Was curious to see what may be happening with Digital Performer 11 at the end of 2021. Found the following
    youtube channel curated by a professional film & TV composer.

    Evan Goldman Music
    Evan's series so far is about creating productive & fast workflow.

    For those interested in control surface integration:
    Setting up iCON™ Control Surfaces in Digital Performer 11
    Additional Features for Novation™ Controllers in Digital Performer 11
    Additional Features for Akai™ Controllers in Digital Performer 11

    For those interested in Articulation Mapping:
    How to use Articulation Maps in DP11
    How to install BabylonWaves Art Conductor in DP11

    For those new to or, curious about Digital performer, there have been changes for the better with version 11. DP is one of the first/original DAWs. In 1984, Mark of the Unicorn released Professional Composer, one of the first application programs for the Apple Macintosh. In 1985 it was re-branded as 'Performer'.
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