Deep House Synth - Will Long Trax 1-3

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    Hi - I post to ask for some assistance in recreating the simple, polyphonic keyboard sounds that Will Long (a/k/a Celer) creates in his Long Trax 1-3 releases. I know they are simple deep house synths, but I am having difficulty getting them just right.

    The type of plug-in doesn’t matter. I have just about everything.

    If there is a Kontakt set of patches available that just solves the entire issue, then please tell me where and I will find it. I’m thinking a Prophet might be best, but have tried on Ableton Analog, Massive (X), Serum, Absynth, FM8, Rob Papen – Blue, and so on.

    I know it is probably easy to make them from scratch – you likely are laughing or shaking your head about how easy they are to make - but I would need some pretty specific instructions as I don’t know much at all about how synths work in terms of oscillators, sine waves, filters and LFOs etc. I just tweak presets as I have only a couple of hours a week to make music. Be gentle.

    Examples of what I am looking to do:

    I appreciate your help – this board has been great at helping me over the years.

    - s