Decent vocal samples for techno?

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    Ok, so I am loving making techno beats but am starting to drift more into making the Belgian style of warehouse techno, think Amelie Lens, Adam Beyer, Charlotte De Witte and so on from the Drumcode stable. However, one thing I'm finding a complete pain in the ass is finding decent vocal samples as I've never bothered in the past and just done instrumental type stuff.

    Anyone got any tips or suggestions on seeking out vocal samples, particularly the repetitive words and phrases kind of samples used in this kind of techno?

    PS no snarky comments please and I know I can record my own and look for stuff, but just seeking out any good repositories, sources or tips others may have (plus I'm a guy and female vocals seems to work better :))
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    I think samples limit you a lot unless you wanna go crazy and chop them up, repuzzle them. I have never heard their vocals on any sample pack. I have a couple and could not really recommend one. Most are not that good, I also produce techno, tech-house and house.

    1. Search for Acapellas on Google, cut parts you like
    2. Splice Sounds - Vocals
    3. Use singers, if its a banging track and it has potential to be a hit spent a little
    4. Go Fiverr if you have no money but just 5 bucks XD
    5. Ask good youtube singers to do vocals for free plus SMALL royalties if track is a hit....a friend made top 20 on beatport...he made very little money.

    Hope this helps.
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