Daniel Belik releases: Siberian Samples Domra

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    The domra is a long-necked Slavonic string instrument of the lute family with a round body and three metal strings.


    We sampled and scripted the most characteristic touches of domra – plucks, tremolo and tempo synchronized repetitions.
    Flexible controls and keyswitches allow to play authentic melodies as easily as accompaniment patterns. Very realistic
    legato on the tremolo was achieved by programming the three modes, controlled by velocity – non-legato, portamento and
    legato. Due to this, quick phrases sound as good as the slow ones.


    The most powerful feature of our instrument is repetition loops, which exactly synchronized to host tempo in tree
    proportions 1/1, 1/2, 2/1. Our Domra has 4 dynamic layers for each articulation and all samples are carefully synchronized
    to each other avoid phase negative interaction. This let us use dynamic morphing as for tremolo & repetition loops, as
    well as pluck samples. Therefore, you have 127 dynamic gradations instead of 4. Since we recorded plucks in 4 Round-Robin
    samples per each note, there are 508 different colors for each note in diapason! All dynamic layers are non-normalized,
    so virtual instrument expression sounds exactly like real.






    Siberian Samples Domra is available for $39.99 USD

    More INFO: Daniel Belik | Siberian Samples Domra
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    I love these well sampled real instruments and especially the traditional ones from all over the world!

    Seems like Daniel Belik is one of these guys taking this field serious like Embertone, Ilya Efimov and others!
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