creativeLIVE unlocks music industry secrets with new audio channel

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    creativeLIVE has announced the addition of an audio channel to its online broadcast network. [​IMG]

    Instead of scouring YouTube for homemade tutorials, you can now learn music production and business directly from leading DJs, producers, and managers. creativeLIVE, a live education platform, today announced the addition of an audio channel to their online broadcast network. creativeLIVE’s free workshops — on topics ranging from DAWs to networking — teach musicians the technical skills and industry knowledge needed to make a living in the music business. The audio program will launch with classes taught by Incubus manager Steve Rennie, metal guitarist/producer Eyal Levi and EDM DJ Big Chocolate.

    Founded in 2010, creativeLIVE is transforming online learning by providing free, live access inside previously-closed doors. Venturing into music makes sense for a company whose CEO, Mika Salmi, is responsible for discovering and signing Nine Inch Nails. Of the audio channel launch, Salmi said, “Music is close to my heart and we have been chomping at the bit to launch an audio channel on creativeLIVE. Just like in photography and other channels, we will be bringing world class experts to teach real actionable skills. I personally can’t wait to update my DJ skills!”

    Creativity is the new literacy — and creativeLIVE is where musicians, artists, and entrepreneurs find the skills they need to make their dreams of living the creative life a reality.

    Upcoming creativeLIVE audio courses

    Music Business 101: Networking with Steve Rennie
    The driving force behind Incubus’ blockbuster success, Steve Rennie, AKA RENMAN, will reveal how he went from booking shows in Hollywood to managing platinum-selling bands. Spoiler alert: Networking isn’t just for business bros. (Sept. 12)
    Eyal Levi: Digital Drums with EZDrummer
    Billboard top 200 staple Eyal Levi (Whitechapel, August Burns Red, Devildriver, and Job for a Cowboy) will teach a one-day course on how to digitally create real-sounding drums in EZDrummer. (Sept. 25)
    Big Chocolate: Producing EDM with Ableton Live
    DJ/producer Big Chocolate (Cameron Argon) started making music in his bedroom at the age of 16, and is now an internationally-renowned performer coming off his second Warped Tour. Big Chocolate will demonstrate how he gets his song ideas out of his head and into finished tracks using Ableton Live. (Sept. 30)

    The free live workshops will be available to creativeLIVE members (registration is free).
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    but if everyone learns how to make it, how can 1 million people in addition to who is hot now ALL MAKE IT?
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    Of course, it is always gonna 0.5% of all the million who will ever make it. However, you gotta be confident, work hard and believe that YOU can, and will be in that 0.5%. If we spend much time wondering about the amount of people we have to compete against, then we'll give up without ever trying. BE FEARLESS :)
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    Nice one SirSillySausage thanks so much for the information, always looking to improve and this could really be helpful.

    Forget about who is hot now, who is hot now sucks balls. Most of the music I listen to that is worth anything has nothing to do with the top of the charts. Also forget about how many other people are trying to produce, try making music for music's sake and you might find yourself with more energy and better music. True visionaries are never concerned with how many other people are doing something they are only concerned with the vision that they want to see come to fruition.

    PS there are a lot of people into programming yet there never seems to be a shortage of jobs looking for talented programmers.
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    Couldn't of said it better myself.