creating sylenth sound in serum

Discussion in 'Working with Sound' started by indianwebking, Aug 29, 2018.

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    i'm trying to do some sound design and sylenth is what i use but after using serum i think i'm in love with it. it takes less time and you can do make your own presets in very less time. i use sylenth v2.1 or 2.2 i don't remember but since serum is good i'm loving it for sound design. so let's say we've loaded chill pad from sylenth factory bank. it has stuff like envelope 1 and 2 and things like that but what about the same thing in serum ? i'm kinda lost and somewhere i saw a post that when you're lost in serum go to it's matrix tab. but i don't see how i can apply bandpass / low or highpass to a specific filter ? is there something i'm missing or doing wrong ? if needed i'm ready to upload the pics also. but i'm low on bandwidth so it'll be possible tomorrow. but let's say serum have a filter but how do i apply lowpass to envelope 1 & highpass / bandpass to envelope 2 ? i'm kinda in middle of remaking that sound and it's more fun in it. because i love to learn it and sit infront of my PC with lame face trying to keep that excitement and see what i'm getting from both. also if possible tell me how do i control the osc 1 & 2. it's the filter thingy of serum that is the reason i'm stuck.
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    The manual is a good place to start. It covers it pretty much.

    You drag the envelope or LFO to the filter cutoff. Then you adjust range/amount, etc to your liking.

    If you do it in the matrix you can just select source, destination and amount.

    Edit: If you want two instances of envelopes controlling two filters (LPF + HPF) which together will create a bandpass, then load (for example) a LPF in the filter section and a HPF in the FX section. Control these with ENV1 and ENV2.
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    It's not the same but multi filter mode can come close.
    I think the only way to make the exact same patch is by using two instances of serum.
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